This page shows the most frequently asked questions at TornadoCodes.Com. Please make sure to read the complete list to understand how this website works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TornadoCodes.Com?

A: TornadoCodes.Com is online database of promo codes designed to serve on the players. It provides thousands of daily promotional codes for different kind of games. For more information about our website please visit our “About Us” page.

Q: What Services we Offer?

A: TornadoCodes.Com provides different kind of services related to promotions for games, mostly for Roblox Simulator Games. You can learn how to redeem promotions, follow game guides, read books and much more. For more information about our services please visit “Our Services” page.

Q: What are Promotional Codes?

A: Promotional Codes (often called Promo Codes) are codes which are mostly used for redeeming premium items. They are created of case-sensitive numbers and letters. TornadoCodes.Com provides promo codes for almost all kind of single and multiplayer games.

Q: Why to Use Promotions?

A: These promotional codes are very useful for upgrading game character, unlocking rare items, getting gems, tokens, unlocking special areas, getting boosts and much more.

Q: Are these Codes Free?

A: The codes we provide are totally free to use. Feel free to copy any and add it in your account . If you don’t know how you can redeem promotional codes please visit our “How to Redeem” page.

Q: How do we get these Codes?

A: We collect these codes online from the game developers and publishers. To clarify we do not own any of these promotions and almost all of them can be easily found online at the official Twitter, Discord Pages and Youtube Channels of the game developers. If you own and have rights for any of the codes at our website and you want to be removed feel free to send us request through our “DMCA” page. After that our team will review it and respond you shortly.

Q: What kind of Rewards you Get?

A: It really depends of the game. Each game has its own promotional codes and gift cards. Furthermore each of the codes gives specific reward and unlocks unique items. You can get various in-game rewards with using any of these codes. For example you can get rare items, gems, coins, tokens, toys and much more.

Q: Can you find Game/Books at TornadoCodes.Com?

A: At TornadoCodes.Com you can also find Game Guides and Books. These are really useful if you are getting stuck in the play of particular game.

Q: How to Submit New Promotion/Code?

A: If you are developer of publisher of any specific Roblox Game or any other kind of game, feel free to submit your promotion through our “Submit Code” page. Our team will review it and post it within 24 hours. To clarify you can also submit working promo codes even if you are just a random player.

Q: How to Apply for Writing?

A: Currently we accept new writers. You can apply to write for TornadoCodes.Com only if you have experience with games. You can read the full details and apply through our “Write for Us” page. Please make sure to complete all the fields correctly before submitting the application.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have read all the questions and answers in this page but you still didn’t find the answer you were looking for you can contact us through our contact page. Our support will reply you shortly.

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