How to Redeem Code?

This page includes all the information you need to know about redeeming codes, promotions or gift cards in Roblox. Please take your time and read everything carefully. Also please take a note that the process is similar for the Roblox Simulator Games. Another useful thing to know is that some codes are active for only certain period so make sure to redeem any before it become inactive.

Steps to Follow

In addition the process is very simple. Please follow the steps you see below which are necessary for redeeming any code or promotion successfully.

Follow these steps:

  • First and necessary step is to login in your Roblox Account. You can do it here.
  • Next step is to visit the official Promotional Code Redemption Page.
  • After that you will need to enter your code in the empty field.
  • Once you have entered it, hit that Redeem button.
  • If your code is valid you should see this message “Promo Code successfully redeemed”.
  • On the other side if the code is invalid you will see this message “Invalid promo code”.
  • That’s it.

Below you can see step by step instructions through images so you can understand how the process works. Please take a look. Make sure to follow the red rectangle and the arrow pointed to it.

Furthermore, first image shows the place where you will need to enter your login information to get into your Roblox Account Area.

How to Redeem Code

The second image shows how to open the Promotional Code Redemption Page. You can see the official url on the left upper side on the image below.

Redeem Promotion in Roblox

Third image shows where you should write your code. Enter the promotion carefully and double-check it before going further.

Roblox Redeem

On the next image you can see the redeem button. That’s the button you should click once you have entered your promotional code.

Code Redemption page in Roblox

This image shows the success message you will see if you have entered active and valid code.

Promo Code Successfully Redeemed

The last image shows the message you will see if you entered invalid promotional code, or the code has expired and it is not working anymore.

Invalid Promo Code Message


That is all to say about the process of redeeming codes. Furthermore, if you need more information about what you can get from our website please make sure to visit “Our Services” page.

You have any new working code which you want to share? Please visit our page to Submit Code on the top and enter the information there. Our team will check the code and post it within 24 hours.

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