Roblox King Piece (King Legacy) Codes – List of All New (April 2024)

Check the List of all new King Piece Codes and use them at the recently rebranded game “Roblox King Legacy” to get a lot of Free Gems, Bely, Exp, Money, Devil Fruit and other great rewards. We keep this list always up to date. Therefore, do not forget to visit this page more often if you want to catch the promotions while they are still active.

Complete List of All New Roblox King Piece Codes

King Piece is one incredible Roblox Game where the players are using Codes to get rewards and this game has been recently rebranded due copyright by the developers with a new name known as King Legacy. Furthermore, this amazing game has been launched on 12/17/2019 by the Roblox Group “Thai Piece” and administrator of this popular group is the user @DinoxLive. Until this day, the King Piece has more than 600,000 favorites at the Roblox website and according to the stats there, the game has more than 360 million visits. Sounds crazy right? Well that’s true. This game is one of the most popular games on the Roblox website with millions of players from different countries around the world.

Active King Piece Codes

Below is a table with all new and active codes for this game. Use them to get some Free Gems, Bely, Exp, Money, Devil Fruit, Stats Reset or other great rewards. The table you see below is constantly up to date. To clarify, once any code has been expired and it is not longer valid we move it to the table with the expired ones. Check the promotions below.

300MVISITSApply this Code and Get 100,000 BeliACTIVE
500KFAVUse this Code to Get 100,000 BeliACTIVE
250KLIKESRedeem this Code for Stat ResetACTIVE
GasGasGet 1 Gem using this CodeACTIVE
DinoxLive100,000 BeliACTIVE
REDBIRDUse it to Get 250,000 BeliACTIVE
BeckyStyleRedeem this Code and Get 100,000 BeliACTIVE
Peodiz100,000 BeliACTIVE
KingPieceComeBackApply it to Get 100,000 BeliACTIVE

On the other side, below are a lot of codes which are not active anymore. Unfortunately, you cannot use any of these anymore. You are too late for these cause the same have been deactivated by the official developers. However, you might want to check them even they are inactive so that’s why we post them in the table below.

Expired Codes

200MVISITSUse this Code to Get 100,000 BeliEXPIRED
300KFAV100,000 BeliEXPIRED
NewDragonGet 3 GemsEXPIRED
BrachioGet 1 GemEXPIRED
150KLIKESRedeem this Code for Stat ResetEXPIRED
DragonIsStrong100,000 BeliEXPIRED
200KFAV100,000 BeliEXPIRED
100KLIKESUse it for Stat ResetEXPIRED
100MVISITSUse it to Get BeliEXPIRED
SamuraiGet 3 GemsEXPIRED
SpinoGet 2 GemsEXPIRED
DoughGet 2 GemsEXPIRED
AlloApply this Code to Get 1 GemEXPIRED
100KFAV100,000 BeliEXPIRED
80MVISITSRedeem it and Get 100,000 BeliEXPIRED
ShadowUse it to Get 1 GemEXPIRED
StringUse it to Get 1 GemEXPIRED
SnowUse it to Get 1 GemEXPIRED
70KLIKESRedeem it to Reset your StatsEXPIRED
Merry Christmas3 GemsEXPIRED
50KLIKESApply it to Reset your StatsEXPIRED
TanTaiGamingGet 100,000 BeliEXPIRED
OpOp100,000 BeliEXPIRED
UpdateGem3 GemsEXPIRED
QuakeQuakeRedeem it to Get BeliEXPIRED
90KFavorites100,000 BeliEXPIRED
35MVisit100,000 BeliEXPIRED
PeerapatUse it to Get 200,000 BeliEXPIRED
ThreeramateApply it and Get 300,000 BeliEXPIRED
ThanakornApply it and Get 300,000 BeliEXPIRED
BeckComeBackGet 100,000 BeliEXPIRED
20MVisitGet 100,000 BeliEXPIRED
26kLikesUse it to Reset your StatsEXPIRED
23kLikeUnknown RewardEXPIRED
22kLikeUnknown RewardEXPIRED
ReduceLagMapUnknown RewardEXPIRED
BestEvilUnknown RewardEXPIRED
MakalovUnknown RewardEXPIRED

How to Redeem Codes in King Piece (King Legacy)?

If you are a newbie and it is your first time redeeming Codes at this game make sure to read the steps below. We have explained the whole process through some simple steps which show how you can collect a reward successfully.

Follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you need to log into your Roblox account. After that, you need to launch King Piece (King Legacy) from the official Roblox website or though the app.
  • Furthermore, take a look on your left side of the screen. You will see a Menu button. Once you have found it, please click it.
  • After that, you need to find and click the Code button. Once you have done that, a new popup windows will show up.
  • Enter any of the active King Piece Codes in the empty field and click the big “Accept” button.
  • In the end you should see a success message.
  • That’s all!

Below are four images from which you can see this process visually. In the first image is the big yellow “Menu” button. Furthermore, in the second image you can see the “Code” button. Third image contains the pop up box where you should write your code and finally the last image shows the success message.

King Piece Codes
Roblox King Piece Codes
All New King Legacy Codes
How to Redeem Code

In short it is very simple process and you should not have any troubles redeeming the Codes in King Piece. However, if you face any troubles, feel free to contact us using our contact page on the top. Our support will respond and will try to help you in a very short time.

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More Codes for Other Great Games

King Piece is really one amazing Roblox Game. However, there are big chances that you are not playing only this one. Therefore, if you already play any other games at Roblox, make sure to visit our page with the latest codes for Roblox Games. Our website provides thousands of active promotions for many popular games developed at this multiplayer gaming platform.

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