Roblox Hats Codes and IDs List (July 2024)

We provide a list of free and active Roblox Hats Codes and IDs. Get the ID for Rostar, White, Jotaro or any other Free Hats in Roblox. The list you will see below is up to date and valid in 2024. Feel free to browse and find the codes/ids for your favorite items.

Roblox Hats Codes and IDs List

The Hats in Roblox are one of the most popular accessories which players wear on their avatar’s head. These kind of accessories were first released on May 30, 2007. It is interesting to know that before these, every single accessory in this game was considered as a Hat. Currently, the players can wear up to 3 hats without using the advanced option. If they use this option, they can apply up to 10 on the avatar. We posted one table which contains all free Roblox Hats Codes and IDs. Make sure to use the search option in the table, so you can easily find the code of your favorite item. Find the id for Rostar, White, Jotaro or any other Free Hats in Roblox.

Shady Mercenary93131532
Bandit the Bumbling Puppy16157957
Sleepy Puppy141740195
Silver Snake Fedora125378514
Red Bowler376809437
Justice of The Thief100932648
Overseer Stealth Fighter903180659
Unbearably Cool Bear258184384
Leafy Antlers of Spring Past915273312
Purple Beanie with Neon Green Hair262391075
Overseer Headphones164204223
LOL Santa19264489
Mr. Chompers19112220
Supreme Ninja Hood435113593
Ice Monster143635868
Kindergarten Cop22823649
Beta Squadron21069877
Tokyokhaos Giraffe14860671
King Of Gore100933335
I Heart Mom Sign10630526
Balloon Ninja20416914
Shimmering Witch Hat313545485
The Tale of EPIC DUCK9470887
Le Tigre Fedora241544038
ROBLOX Santa19398728
Bad Hair Day Beanie236398436
ROBLOX U Beanie173784332
Chill Ghost Mask527370747
Great Detective Fedora987025991
Cheese Hat1097026
Exoflex Spax Helmex17735403
Police Riot Helmet16469532
8-Bit Neon Animal Hoodie507792339
Question Mark1028826
DIY Azurewrath Lord of the Bag207207614
Crown of Tulips with Brown Hair233621251
Cartoon Fun Beanie and Hair346674836
For the Ages: George Washington46363291
Astronaut Helmet1081366
RBX Skater16218365
Hunter Snow Cap63689493
Lion's hood73790802
Hooded Figure461490641
Steampunk Witch313545847
Shark Knit100930361
Emerald Voidthrasher100932574
Stage Prop1098285
Frumpled Wizard Hat of Old Coots13121508
Bacon Ninja163500897
Redcliff Cap286512740
Fancy Black Cowboy Hat425117435
Furry Fox Cap391490061
Spring Crown of Flowers150337770
Press Hat33683287
Holiday Lights19112134
Zebra Fedora178393796
Dance Cap430065187
Skeletal Disguise517267017
Harvest Witch511926133
Quickdraw Cowboy23635644
Harbinger of the Neverending Winter62720331
Dog Ears11142487
Subarctic Adventurer68325484
Dalmation Hat10658672
Redcliff Winged Ninja Knight223758880
Aztec Golden Eagle34126856
The Star Chef96678446
BIG: Bighead Moose Party477858905
Zombie Fedora522094442
Overseer's Undertaker127505667
Barista Cup Topper1046280573
Golden Atomic Helmet503949600
Snowflake Queen190764336
Great Green Headphones1033106291
Black & White Top Hat192571874
Headphones: 3000972175507
Green Laurel Crown226187370
Gemmed Hood of the Mystic209983670
Telamon's Vampire Chicken Suit517267524
Sir Blue Fancypants365630954
Magic Broom Black Cat511926487
Uncle Sam's Top Hat2711557
Dance Police321345425
Medieval Ninja64495874
Purple Horns of the Mystic204162122
Elven Druid63655435
Caution Tape Ninja20416933
Tiger Hat116777409
Frozen Swordpack Crown of the Northern Tundra330295337
Narwhal Beanie118280079
Scarecrow Hat95956644
Fire Fighter Hazard Mask16725421
Beret with Mustache209983500
Vampire Lace Collar517260915
Ninja with Pony Tail255794861
Faux Viridian Fedora286525448
Pink Flower Crown100932329
Skeleton Knight1088035578
True Blue Cap365633222
Pirate Queen271014901
True Ninja of Brilliant Illumination46839135
Serpent's Servant45201887
An00bis of the Underworld511925734
Cat O' Lantern313544456
Lua Lions Football Helmet100930474
Piano Man Bowler152187346
Arctic Trooper63650436
Morcar the Menacing20011951
Motocross #62: Fire11679229
Paper Crown39247385
Melon Head16218214
Blind Rogue22160652
Captain Y. S. Boat116777969
Ranger Hat13335289
Tropical Blue Bucket Hat365630769
8-Bit Donut Hat867846576
Portrait of a Hero at Carnival162592142
Golden Monstrosity102623484
Kilty McJig's Irish Bowler23962549
Green Beret14132946
Red 8-Bit Headphones319642784
Red Futurion Foot Soldier90249069
8-Bit King Nate542174796
Galaxy Boy Hair319642066
Horned Master of the Dragon Horde53061135
Sleepy Mouse Cap439943629
Breakfast Face163500956
Blue 8-Bit Headphones267174493
Spider Sorcerer1074742861
Violet Ribbons150337814
Ghillie Hat25975717
x32 Advanced Scout Headgear18821183
Shocked Retro Robot Head218674480
Overseer General87262534
Domesticated Lion Mask207211197
DJ Headphones89625422
Pizza Knight17735306
Mohawk Ninja160205559
Santa Headphones193810629
Starry Sleeping Cap141740648
Pirate Topper106709229
Candy Styles Scarf and Hat562493075
Horned Doombringer100427134
Checkered Fedora192566857
Chill Bear Head904514467
Forgotten Dragon Relic164204125
Thrill Seeker149599156
Knit with Headphones146082838
Sombrero Cat Ears243851514
Spider Head1074742407
Snowflake Headphones193810948
Hip Bear188694682
Spring Daisy Boppers101081428
Paperball Tiara53040003
Sarge's Helmet62233675
Horned Velociraptor Skull14130172
Black Skull Helmet74891617
Peppermint Phones327317336
A Dark Being71484125
Nuclear Winter327318405
Robot Beanie215724779
Classic Bowler91664765
Fire Trooper32871131
Crimson Demon-lite553879651
ROBLOX Warriors Football Helmet15469575
Pink and Black Wizard Hat461493088
Brown Furry Animal Hood and Scarf335078777
The Great Lion14860728
Neon Green Fedora262390812
Funky Magic Top Hat96678498
Prince Pomegranate23634863
Overseer's Minion63994173
Purple Voodoo45093958
Whipped Cream Hat106710727
The Villain22588983
Ninja Assassin43704929
Electromagnetic Goggles93128579
Tribal Turkey Hunter1081186
Neon Purple Crazy Crown376805769
Timeless Top Hat106709262
All Hallows Warrior64559858
Masked Hood of the Midsummers Night Rogue259425017
Omega Rainbow Bowler283749923
Omega Rainbow Fedora302281542
ROBLOX Hexagon Headphones118279832
Classic ROBLOX Viking Helm1028720
Hat-Eating Hat172307617
Silver Helmed Hero124753681
Unorthodox Pot of Gold94266158
Christmas Cloak139152555
Batwing Headphones302281655
Reduce Reuse Recycle Bowler238903909
Bombastic Visor928906151
Bacon Crown166896278
Dancing Apple53918608
Pro Pilot's Hat1046306782
Noob Attack: Raig Table Revenge243853798
Spring Chicken Fedora108147498
Watermelon Samurai160207626
Trispike Trispike55700110
Queen's Guard Hat10628538
Russian Police Cap28116846
Sleepy Kitties42847625
Ne'Kotikoz Warrior Helmet395201522
ROBLOX U Headphones173784666
Tokyokhaos Lion416833190
Fantasy Santa19043710
Operation Desert Cyclone18151473
Blue Hat With Crazy Big Earflaps10628460
Classic Brown Bowler163521501
Horned Menace52490497
Nomadic Steampunk Headband102621181
Snake Skin Hat70437361
Masked Helm of the Order of Silver Eagle23636411
Dark Ace of Spades99855413
Crimson Mindwings102618250
American Commando Jr.164173881
Spiderweb Fedora132123116
Noob Sign10060525
Jade Warrior174794956
Putrid Green Head in A Jar503947022
Pizza Face273967011
Gearpunk Headphones192557663
Lightning Crown32857966
Sweet Earmuffs105345331
8-Bit Purple Cat Ears Headphones867847955
Fancy Ostrich317021750
Rogue Captain97852193
Googly Eyed Pumpkin315548892
Wild Green Fedora1033102108
Green Warrior78002403
Happy Robot186956843
Wanwood Visor168167114
Goth Bunny Hood387254600
Base War Helmet253153774
Camo Ninja160205218
DIY Narwhal1016163758
Metal Feathers of Fate413199286
Space Recon Helm88781614
Pizza Cap1016172833
Toxic Green Cat280657773
Hippest Guy125887960
Propeller Beanie10911990
Gentleman of Leisure57001119
Desert Warrior29109303
Native American Headdress1081236
Deluxe Military Helmet323418090
Ebony Fire Helm90999179
Festive Branches332744676
Errday Hat99851490
Terrifying Scarecrow58812966
One Cool Kitty417456222
Commando Frog16179360
Ice-Nine Drone Helm14767453
Desert Trooper62250917
Scary Larry32797697
Angry Android52540425
Azure Pork Pie Hat62249714
Gingerbread Man Head42588770
Shortsighted Shapeshifter62229189
Snowflake Cloak330295176
WWII Infantry Helmet10911958
Grumpy Robot115301218
Starbling Beanie833771553
The Most Fabulous Blue Pork Pie Hat365632153
Elegant Sun Hat116076110
Mardi Gras Jester147974365
Thorny Horns of Darkest Justice33337070
Macaroni Penguin46359866
Flower Child Crown51243504
Sk10r Boi47702745
Albino Bat Vampire23264296
Cardboard Box28998419
Head Ornament15176834
Snowman Visor327318935
Flipped Bill Skater Cap417456713
Lucky Clover Cap23999354
Tokyokhaos Koala16218454
Cantaloupe Samurai273964898
Virtual Reality Mask28057660
Bell 206 Helicopter Pilot Headgear23928504
Apprentice Wizard Hat13149521
Canada Styles29890746
Bluest Ninja106708610
Gray Wool Winter Hat105354517
Chasing Carrots20335715
Light Guard 700044560905

How to find Hats Codes and IDs in Roblox?

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the whole process and there is nothing you should worry about. We have covered everything about the steps you’ll need to follow. Furthermore, please follow the red lines in the uploaded images. Lets get started with the steps.

First image shows the official website where you should login. Therefore, please open it. In the first field write your email, username or phone number. Furthermore, in the second empty field, please enter your password. In the end, hit that login button to get into your profile dashboard. As alternative, you can use the Facebook button to log in.

The second step shows how to open the catalog section at this website. Therefore, click the search button on the top, enter the space button once and click on the catalog option from the drop down menu. NOTE: You must click the space button. If you don’t click it, the drop down menu will not show up. In addition that’s how this search option works.

Furthermore, please check the image below to see the location of this Category in the website. Take a note that you must first click on the accessories section so the drop down menu will show up. Once you have clicked on the accessories section, you should also click on the hats category to proceed. After you have done this, open any of the products.

In the end, you can see the description, genre, and type of the product we opened. The url has one specific row of numbers. Those numbers are the ID and Code for this specific hat in Roblox. It is very easy to find it right? Therefore, you can try to find the code/id for any you want.


Lets check example with the item we have just opened. For example, we opened one product with this second part in the url : catalog/151784320/Doge.  Therefore. you can clearly notice the numbers 151784320 between the “catalog” and “Doge”. These Free numbers are Codes/IDs for the Hats in Roblox. Take a note that each of these items has its own specific row of numbers. Therefore, this row of numbers 151784320 is a unique Code/ID only for this particular Doge Hat in Roblox.

That is all we can say about the Free Roblox Hats Codes and IDs. In addition, some of the players reported that they have problem to find or apply any of the unique codes and ids. If you are one of those, and you are stuck in the middle of the process, please contact us through our contact page.

Those who need to get more codes/ids make sure to visit our page where are listed all item codes. On the other side, those who need code/id for any specific virtual item from the outfit section, please visit our great category with all clothes codes and ids.

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