Roblox Item Codes – Redeem All Free Virtual Stuff (June 2024)

Check our fresh list with Roblox Item Codes so you can redeem any and get the all Free Virtual Stuff in this amazing game. Start browsing now and find a lot of ids for so many exclusive items. Of course, it is totally free. The list is updated and all the codes are working in 2024.

Roblox Free Item Codes List

The Roblox Catalog contains such a lot of Free Virtual Stuff (Items) which the players might redeem. There are a lot of amazing items at this website, which are classified in different categories such as : Collectibles, Community Creations, Body Parts, Avatar Animations and many other. Therefore, we decided to post a list with All Item Codes for Roblox, so the players can easily Redeem any Virtual Item and get some Free Stuff in the game.

Please make sure to use the search option in the table below to find the codes for your Roblox item faster. There are thousands of codes in the table so try to speed speed up the process using the options from the table.

Noob Attack: Amerilaser Ambush419752586
Noob Attack: Artemis Annhilation553718984
Purple Sleepy Koala439942851
Scary Bear-y1103002020
Snow Queen's Necklace187998056
Overseer All-Seeing Pendant483306493
Crimson Winter Scarf99860652
Vampire Collar63717491
Bombastic Boa293316227
Doge Scarf174795947
Ninja Scarf of the Silent Wind753986964
Cursed Korblox Pendant483899424
Red Ninja Neckgear255797985
Overseer Collar343585127
Ostrichsized Winter Scarf99266546
BFF Key33872870
ROBLOX Tie31107926
Dog Tags31312480
Fancy Boa258184284
Clown Tie51353016
Golden Carrot Necklace738680475
Disguise Scarf987018852
Korblox Collar330294398
Living Art: Psychadelic Pop Art321353278
Purple Winter Scarf323420663
Unicorn Scarf1016174762
Midnight Blue Checkered Bow Tie162372840
Wild Neon Blue Scarf261830247
Eyeball Boppers1102994775
Voltron Head427949022
Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head1158038
The Classic ROBLOX Fedora1029025
JJ5x5's White Top Hat1073690
Blue Top Hat1016145591
Sinister Branches71484026
Chill Cap321570512
Holiday Crown139152472
Subarctic Commando39247441
Pirate Captain's Hat1028859
Silver King of the Night439945661
Wanwood Branches489168523
White Ninja Headband of the Unimpeachable Soul11297746
Korblox Ice Crown332772333
Adurite Bowler628769409
Obvious Spy Cap277857132
Green Banded Top Hat1563352
Starry Rune Antlers100427922
Rubber Duckie9254254
Celtic Necklace of Mystery689381514
Epic Necklace35365758
Pirate Necklace753987469
Cat Tags134824163
Harmonious Scales Scarf638093988
Puppy of the Week: Monster Puppy1103040984
Business Cat121389389
Shoulder Shark Cat532181076
Dark Armor with Straps215724848
Spring Fairy150381051
Shoulder Crow106709021
Red Sleepy Koala439943248
The Raven20945145
Crazy Turtle Friend118279889
Ninja Shoulder Armor255797621
Meowy Christmas67996309
SHOULDER: Tiny Top Hat493480419
Friendly Swamp Monster532178835
Bandleader Guinea Pig Friend391490834
Penguin Advisor137714574
Sophisticated Bat302281876
Ninja Guinea Pig435114822
Scorch the Ever Faithful610138769
Patriotic Eagle Shoulder Friend892007742
Dark Age Ninja Pauldrons340624049
Dominowl Crown566785406
KoSS Companion Bird359243832
Turtle Shoulder Friend106708450
Kunai Kitten Shoulder Friend306968450
Killer Whale155675687
Skeleton Bird Friend1088041428
Captain Catbeard317590511
Uncle Kitty264985023
Spy Bird549056854
Captain Sharkie298071194
Iguana Shoulder Friend772142286
Penguin Enemy186957462
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Pauldrons483901170
Furrozen Friend568891046
Cool Crab Shoulder Friend915185141
Flying Squirrel Friend346675113
Ghostly Monster Friend1076568303
Mr. L Emur, Esquire638093175
True Pirate Parrot155675806
Armor of the Last Goodbye323473521
Alien Shoulder Pet972165579
Bunny Shoulder Friend230716332
Pirate Parrot20721256
Agent Feathers, Master Spy987017509
Zombie Owl522093189
Wooden Parrot60071720
Shoulder Spring Duckie338388141
Shoulder Elf138419513
Pink Princess Cloak362061849
Sophisticated Crow356210971
Colorful Poncho156095459
Raccoon Scout Shoulder Friend904521219
Korblox Shoulder Pauldrons286513125
Ceremonial Guard of the Duke of the Federation298071907
Cobolt Lightning Pauldrons293315415
St Patrick's Day Fairy226189871
O RLY?25872570
Zombie Headrow133360542
Sleepy Owl Friend119917040
Halloween Headrow 201163994465
Lightning Cobalt Pauldrons402303026
Macaw Shoulder Friend122276806
Penguin Friend136789842
Golden Spider Friend302282080
Gold Mechaknight Mantle557059780
Nerf Shoulder Companion1032938479
Ermine Cloak416832414
Turkey Shoulderfriend136172584
Magmawrath Pauldrons321570172
Candy Crusher327319628
Overseer Armor Pauldrons357832740
Snowman Headrow67200948
Something Dark Within60115663
RBI Special Agent Badge987020611
Blue Pocket Pal658757624
Overseer Lapel Pin903186895
Bandolier of Ninjas402303331
Gentleman's Lapel Flower243773509
Little Robot Lapel Pin857268549
Butterfly Lapel Pin697782959
American Flag Lapel Pin892008738
Redcliff Lapel Pin903188891
Microphone Flower987004563
Conductor's Gold Pocket Watch101081225
Ninja Bandolier340623941
Hologram Screens1340200961
Lapel Rose638089953
Dragon Head Lapel Pin1320949015
Garlic Lapel Pin1117745036
Fallen Pocket Pal1402442557
Eggs Bandolier1536054971
Casual Sunglasses Pocket1744198126
Dragon Slayer Formal610137473
Cheery Garland Boa332744443
Circuit Tie139617698
Neon Pink Bow Tie151784223
Skinny Tie30379217
Hipster Scarf57781259
Necklace O' Gold689379883
Redcliff Pendant69486832
Neon Necktie678278463
Bone Chilling Necklace39247184
Chillin' Gator112605928
Firin' mai Tie!60662904
Gear Necklace857262363
Neon Scarf99857301
Holly Jolly Bow Tie138419400
Ref's Whistle28672417
Monster Scarf315550345
Fang and Claw Necklace707905051
Duke of the Corporation241670599
Mystic Spiral93078593
Buffalo Tooth Necklace61899632
Canada Bow Tie163498835
Christmas Lights Necklace42844216
Sweet Jelly Bean Tie738681545
Adurite Bucket928910453
The King's Adornments204162039
Bull Moose Party18757803
Furry Hood136777031
Noob Assist: S'mores Snacker904518348
The Eliminator52505168
ReeseMcBlox's Dealy Boppers10749254
Purple Banded Top Hat1028715
Oven Monster22597302
Medieval Crown of Stone323420133
Masked Hood of the Dark Age Ninja Master255793703
Elven Princess250394663
Watermelon Shark264989462
Crown of Autumn Laurels63990268
Ninja Mask of Shadows1309911
Broken Tee Vee241670187
Straw Hat1033722
Unicorn Beanie67291394
Blue Spikes of Triumph846805497
Arctic Fox Head188703294
Galaxy Girl260369814
Skull Boppers1088037226
Neon Purple Animal Hoodie187846561
Neon Green Animal Hoodie135471035
Sparkle Rabbit Ears102618321
Coffee House Intellectual Imposter15926904
Pirate Headband13476872
Noob Attack: Golden Sword Gladiator833771102
Platinum Pirate Headphones158068446
Horns of the Magmawrath280896465
Pasta Pwn172307972
Mr. Robot16179349
Light Student134822899
Korblox King52492417
Equinox Hat192565608
Brilliant Moon and Stars259423752
Werewolf on your Head532183226
Captain's Tricorn271015438
DIY BiggerHead244159819
Big Bad Wolf22118646
Donut Hat255791946
EKoSS Headphones483307364
Friendly Skeleton Head517261392
Golden Horns of The Dread King1060282774
Buddy's Blue Baseball Cap417457845
Emo King42846048

Furthermore, the table we mentioned above includes codes for:

  • Clothes/Outfit;
  • Shirts/T-Shirts;
  • Pants/Jeans;
  • Heads;
  • Hair;
  • Gear;
  • Accessories;
  • Hats;
  • Toys.

To clarify, this is a collection which is created by putting all categories with items from our website at one single place. Therefore, you can use any of the links above if you want to visit any of these categories separately and one by one.

How to locate any Item Codes in Roblox?

This is a very easy process. At first, please visit the login page as shown in the first image below. Enter your information and log in to your account. You should already know how to complete this step. However, we posted one image of this step too.

On the second image you can clearly see our official profile at this website. Our username at this website is “tornadocodes” without the quotation marks. Follow us if you want and we will follow you back. Furthermore, open the search bar on the top of your screen and select the Catalog Section from the menu. Therefore, you will open the full archive with all virtual items in Roblox. Third image shows the whole catalog with free and paid items at this website. Further, please select any of the categories from your left side and open any item you want. The choice is yours. If you want to see the all free stuff on Roblox, please scroll down and under the price tab select the free option. In that way, you will see only the free virtual items in Roblox you can redeem.

In the last image you can see our opened item. We opened this hat from the catalog. Furthermore, please try to focus on the url in the browser bar. Can you notice the row of numbers? These are codes for the virtual items in Roblox you can redeem. Each item has its own unique code/id in the url.


For example we opened one item with this part in the url /catalog/139152472/Holiday-Crown. This row of numbers 139152472 between the word “catalog” and “Holiday-Crown” is the id and code for this particular product. In addition, this process is very easy and you should not have any troubles doing it. Those who are facing troubles, please send us a message. Further, explain the problem to our support and wait for the reply. You will get the answer within 24 hours but please at first visit our page with the most Frequently Asked Questions. You might find the answer for your question there.

In the end we want to recommend you some other categories with codes at our website. One of the best categories at our website is the category with all active Roblox Promotions. Make sure to check it. On the other side, those who are still newbies and want to learn more about this game please the “Roblox” page. There is everything perfectly explained about this platform.

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