Roblox Jojo Blox Codes – Full List of All Active Promotions (May 2024)

See the Full List of Jojo Blox Codes and redeem them to get XP, Points or any other great rewards in your Roblox Account. Totally Free.

Roblox Jojo Blox Codes – Complete List

As always, we provide two list of codes. In the first list are all active codes for Roblox Jojo Blox and in the second list are the expired ones. Furthermore, for those who don’t know, Jojo Blox is one popular Roblox game with more than 60 million visits at the official website. This amazing game was developed by the Roblox Game development group named BUNGAH Studio. This Roblox Group is owned by the user GFS223. Another interesting fact about this game is that has been favorited more than 179,113 times at the official Roblox website. Therefore, if you haven’t played it yet, now is the perfect time to try it. This game is one of the most popular games at this online multiplayer gaming platform.

Roblox Jojo Blox Codes (Active)

Below are all active codes for this game. As you can see there are three columns (Code, Reward and Status). In the first column is the name of the code of this game. Furthermore, in the second one you can see the reward given. And the last column shows the status of the code. Check these active promotions in the table below.

GuideUnknown RewardACTIVE
AxioreUnknown RewardACTIVE
MeowApply this Code to Get 15 min of X2 XPACTIVE
4XPUse this Code to Get 15 min of X2 XPACTIVE
2XPRedeem this Code to Get 15 min of Double XPACTIVE

Expired Promotions

On the other side, in the table below you can see the expired codes for this game. Please take a note that these are not active anymore. Therefore, do not try to enter any in your account since you will get an error message.

Note: There are not any expired promotions!


How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Jojo Blox?

We have covered everything regarding the process of redeeming Roblox Jojo Blox promotions. Therefore, if you are still a newbie in this game and you don’t know how to enter codes in this game make sure to follow the steps below.

  • At first you need to launch Jojo Blox from the official Roblox website. You can use the application too.
  • After you launched it and you are in your account dashboard, take a look on your right side of the screen. You will see a big blue “Open” button. Click on it.
  • After that a new menu will open. Therefore, you will notice one grey field called Code. Click on it and write your code.
  • In the end, if you have followed all steps correctly and your code is valid you will see a success message.
  • That’s all!

Step by Step through Images

In the first image below you can see the big blue button. In order to understand easily make sure to follow the white arrows and lines. Furthermore, in the second image is the grey field where you need to enter any of the active codes. In the end, in the last image below, you can see the success message.

Jojo Blox Codes
Roblox Jojo Blox Codes
Roblox Jojo Blox Codes List

More Roblox Codes

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