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Roblox Pants Codes & IDs – Find your favorite Jeans in 2021

Check our free database of Roblox Pants Codes so you can find the IDs for Nike & Adidas, Blue, Red or Black & White Jeans for boys and girls. Start searching now! This list is up to date and all the codes/ids are valid in 2021.

List of Roblox Pants Codes and Jeans IDs

The players can customize their own avatar using different kind of items from the clothing section in Roblox. For example, they can use pants which are some pretty cool virtual items. Therefore, we posted one table which contains all free Roblox Pants Codes so you can easily detect the IDs for Nike & Adidas, Blue, Red or Black & White Jeans for boys and girls. Therefore, you can freely browse through the table and choose your favorite jeans for your avatar. Once you got the id of your favorite one and you want to redeem it, open your avatar editor page and write the code in the Asset id.

Furthermore, check the table below to see all ids and codes for such a lot of beautiful pants uploaded in Roblox. Make sure to check all of them.

RHS Female Uniform Bottom691261644
[SSS] Black Bikini252423830
White Lace Bralette Lightwash Denim Shorts w Super954123823
Pastel halter rank w blue jean shorts & high socks933209693
☀️Sunshine Summertimes!☀️ 80k Sales!419419645
Calvin K Overall571345680
?????????????Cute Sunset Crop Top??1004401610
TRESS Uniform Pants152428180
??ORIGINAL??Lava Adidas Pants940053225
Black Ripped Jeans & Adidas Superstars799968021
?????????Bear Shirt w/ Cute Bear Slippers728412662
⚡ Black Lightning Kicks ?993123881
||♞|| The Little Bloody Boy730608381
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥175615467
???????Cute Shorts? White Shoes1101590660
? ORIGINAL ? Cyan and Black Adidas203645771
Blue Ninja1000750711
Rainbow Pants ?EXCLUSIVE?473294228
SeeDank OFFICIAL Pants by SeeDeng773473652
White Shorts w Pink Flowers884438980
Girls Light Jeans with Vans403591756
Black Top343536655
Swag Pants ?EXCLUSIVE?452835507
? Rainbow Adidas Camo Pants ?841892264
[ Content Deleted ]156889907
Le Badly Made Pants and Vest268922250
[CLYP] Biker Jeans (Womens)1003676216
? CHEAP ? Red Camo Adidas Pants ?841908598
BOO! Halloween Oversized Sweater1071391279
Embroided Ripped Jeans851898633
?ORIGINAL? Scary Bear-y [-]1115398075
Akatsuki Robe Bottom180074684
Barista [BOTTOM]378631238
?????? Crop Top w/ Jeans?979249839
?SALE? Snap Top w/ Jeans672104059
?Hooded Tank w/ Distr. Jeans?868245957
?original?cute loose overalls?437047613
? ᔕᗩᒪE? ? White Jordans 5k+!!426384111
?ADIDAS? Blue and Green Adidas Pants659115582
New Spongebob Squarepants Pants99720129
Alex Pizza Cat Top and Shorts1031604351
✨??? ????✨ Hair White Top Sport Shorts!!532822500
Girls RHS Tank Top with Jeans and Vans403591593
✨Galaxy Outfit✨242159300
[GUCCI] Tuyo [Bottom]465774344
Black Floral Dress with Combat Boots134896679
?????Red Skater Pants! *400K SALE!!*54361253
Pastel Pink Valentines Day Outfit652824375
[J] Black Sequin Evening Gown (Bottom)1115779409
Pink Mustache Crop Top and Shorts113011466
Nike pants 3902452354
Grommet Lace Up Frilled Hem Skirt926883292
Supreme Monochrome Set571345637
NEW!?✅ ADIDAS ✅?-? Shoes ?964068848
[GUCCI] Jr. Soprano [Bottom]1116021256
Blue Oversized Top w Fishnets and Timbs1110406713
⚡ Lightning Adidas Kicks ?866362219
???????? Pink Outfit w/ Gladiator Sandals412718247
cropped top w short denim overalls+ fishn941807712
Rose crop w blaack jeans942531514
Innovation Labcoat Pants Version 31081256171
Dark Grey Flannel w Ghost T Shirt1092793230
My First Pants1093867465
Jeans with fishnets & Blush crop863653217
jailbreak swat police pants1097161827
ItsFunneh OFFICIAL Shorts!1111012498
[ Content Deleted ]45541244
Monster Energy & DC Pants82647531
?Designer? ADIDAS Girl's Workout Outfit741684866
?????????? Black pumpkin smile hoodie ?517937580
Pink Belted Confeti Dress70758969
Official Thinknoodles Pants437848807
White Skinny Jeans With Uggs100573385
#Selfie Tank Top with Floral Denim Shorts150218367
✞♡ Kawaii Zombie Dress ♡✞1046551042
✎ Mermaid Dress950722002
?????????? Jordans Tee (CHEAPER) ?402381175
{ Light } Camo Pants111762672
Teal Adidas ?EXCLUSIVE?313531516
Gold Suit Pants 2 by 1blox897051736
? Adidas Kicks v2 ? ON SALE ? ?1061889621
???????? Grey Nike OverAll479259419
Department Leader Coat Bottom251961490
ROBLOX R&R&R pants by 1blox13343853
Blue Ruffle Top With Silver Denim Skirt56906242
? Black Pants w/ Pink Stripes ? ??? ?1037958724
Light Blue disco stripe dress46184709
Pastel Pink Valentines Day Outfit Black652827980
High waist white pants & superstars920180474
??Khaki Chinos w/ Black MU Sneakers??1013796652
Blue & Ivory Two Piece841559342
Strawberry Baby Onesie [☾]748225739
[GUCCI] Vencenzo Costella [Bottom]664147457
White Skirt w Ribbed Socks723072870
?????? PURPLE GALAXY OUTFIT884403062
############### ADIDAS HOODIE787656815
[J] Coverlet Evening Dress (Bottom)1114735960
[GUCCI] La Molla Finale Suit 3 [LOWER]727791655
adidas shoes!!!99801204
Kawaii Pajamas64231074
skirt and vest top41162776
Mint spotted dress45022682
❤️?❤️ ??? ??? ℙ?ℕ?? ❤️?❤️828612725
????? CAT PANTS ? | 33% OFF |835417968
Raspberry Bardot Top w Jeans1037664850
Black shorts w high lace socks882589405
USAR Standard Bottoms V1653191783
Ripped Army Green Jeans w Superstars1082253007
[IT] Black Clown suit (PANTS)1103184045
✦? Porcelain Body ?✦1078590623
? Galaxy Adidas girls outfit?465474900
Black Bralette & Black Skirt w Black Socks706942252
Rainbow Tuxedo v2 Pants145031222
adidas de diamante928432228
White Rolled Pants w Adidas Superstars890758176
Sunset Top871782100
Dark Councillor [BOT]753450283
[♚] Zombie Nurse Skirt866027057
Party Pants1114080218
?????Green Skater Pants *300k SALE*65160699
Casual Rose Dress (white) [Request]694270225
Pineapple Set546894538
Skydivers' Pants969418985
?? Halloween Black Pumpkin Smile ??512841262
policepant jailbreak838526094
[DISCOUNT!] Hot Denim Pants899275087
HALLOWEEN Red Shorts1081962256
White Adidas Pants871767600
Black Fishnet Outfit456249958
?SALE!? Yeezys 90% off!!1035040137
NEW! Zacharys OFFICIAL Pants!595585257
White Ethereal Dress933881227
Ripped Gothic Skater Black Jeans12113461
Burgundy overall w tied flannel & CK top1038906018
Pink Party Dress With Diamond Belt47836359
?ORIGINAL? Adidas Track Pants594341647
pants pant pants808351213
✔️???????????1000+SALES?RAISING SOON872984578
Sonic ? ?786193080
?????????Unicorn Pajama w/ Slippers585846892
✔️NEW✔️Red Top With Blue Ripped Jeans913577622
❤️?[HOT]?❤️Top And Jeans (Cheap)554504499
?ORIGINAL? Flaming Hot Red Adidas414982848
?????? Cute Girl Nike Outfit ??????966668420
Gray Halter w Black shorts and Superstars623336719
Overall one strop down w timbs942476779
blue croptop w black jeans & puma slides933480745
???????? Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Outfit479866409
?NEW? Golden Adidas Kicks956887341
Blue Sneakers224237390
Red Rose Summer Dress57482966
[ Content Deleted ]39453007
UA Holographic Tank Leotard1052641698
Official KazokYT Fan Pants!693018621
Yandere Simulator583044790
offical group pants839401049
[ NEW ] B&W Nike Shoes -SALE-465931965
Iridescent Rainbow Dress748501265
[GUCCI] La Molla Finale Suit 7 [Lower]727790945
+TBK+ Khaki's w/ ##### ### Adidas107014061
Black Spliced Halter Outfit546890902
Tan Romper w Superstars859187462
[BA] Uniform Bottom642548050
A Rich Man's Suit Pants1113857538
Black Skirt w Socks723072979
Orange Flannel w Jackolantern T Shirt1092705054
YouTube pants947031840
Prison Pants937789353
turtle overalls (2)942609760
? Halloween Adidas Outfit ?1084668236
Oooh...Kill em'! Outfit131670724
???????? Girl Purple Summer Dress ~479256688
Something Just Like This847267541
?????? Air Jordan Joggers Cheap940907253
Team Eclipse Grunt Pants317114237
Boys RHS Tank Top with Jeans and Vans403591639
Doctor Coat Bottoms [PGY1+ ONLY]248912286
ItsFunneh OFFICIAL Pants!575636783
Aztec Cardigan W Tank Jeans & Boots188322911
DraconiteDragon OFFICIAL Pants!1110921982
Shorts & halter top w lace up high heels1037686402
???????? Grey Nike OverAll1108174010
ViZe pants188971113
[GUCCI] Billy Shaver [Bottom]663584199
Pink icey crystal dress45967848
?BESTSELLING✔Nike KickBacks✔489820273
CHEAPEST Rainbow Pants ?1107339248
? RARE ? Black & White Nike Outfit741685286
roblox pants1102188085
❄️???????❄️ Blizzard Adidas Kicks741685497
[KYLIE] Camo Outfit891650881
Adidas ?FIRE & ICE❄️ Lightning Pants857880696
Pastel white Shorts w Gray wool socks438278283
Classic Pumpkin OUFIT843390140
Medium washed ripped jeans w/ Timbs645714407
[Gaiden] Sasuke's Bottom 2749482593
Jeans & tank top w tied flannel754286587
white one strap overalls w adidas601349672
✞♡ Kawaii Devil Dress ♡✞1041920030
Dark Blue Denim Shorts875200707
✞♡ Halloween Ghost Outfit ♡✞1038163097
Camo plants cool428202128
Bape Trench Coat w/ Pirate Black Yeezys580932383
Color Changeable Gradient Pants396750044
Boy Jeans w Red Jordans909376744
Logang Maverick Merchandise1067881773
Hawaiian Tassle Shorts w/ Black Tank450516604
B and W Floral Bottoms1012252329
High waisted627262795
????????? Flaming Hot Red Adidas459279417
Black Ripped Pants + Adidas Superstars512890884
Lightwash Jeans w Black SOcks534508214
black jeans w gucci snake & fishnets867728509
SS | Paris906679109
?SALE? Trench Jeans?862734900
Blue adidas289966472
Tactical Military Pants292615878
For Pretty Girl978858821
oversized trasher942544819
Distressed Jeans780547927
Nike Hoodie & Ripped Jeans & AF1's582001274
#Navy "Lemon Grove" Halter & Shorts Set418951990
Cheerleader - Red108164036
Scary Bear-y Scary Bear-y Scary Bear-y1115831025
?95% OFF?Pink Adidas Crop w/ Jeans673140619
Rainbow Pants ?417042179
Black shorts w black - red high socks999921854
|RxRE| - Black comfortable sport shorts985506249
Jeans with Belt and Pockets1813940
HAIRY BODY749841133
Blue Adidas Hoodie Pants??664628403
☄ Galaxy Adidas Pants ☄841888450
Descendants Mal Shirt1090971108
Glo Jeans & Gym Red 121071382974
?? Finer Fashions Exclusive: Rockstar684516055
?????? Blue Shorts Pants w/ Shoes1042376518
Cobalt Nation | Halloween 2 Bulge Pants1116425498
Rainbow Flower Pants1111555933
Efflorescence Tee ♥437921480
?✔️?? ????! ✔️? ??? ?????557464074
[GUCCI] The Cuban [Bottom]465774328
Water / Lava Adidas | Ⓡ635172348
Noob Pants875758737
✎ My Rainbow950724773
White Embroided Shorts & Ribbed Crop870579453
⭐ Black Shorts Grey Top w Furry Boots ⭐530939543
black designer dress875156302
Adidas Track Shorts854736654
[GUCCI] Ace Rothstein [Bottom]465774031
Pink Elastic Skirt w Glads935717850
creme bralette942581878
[Shippuden] Naruto Sage Bottom682145985
Pink Camo and black BAPE shorts912749978
[GUCCI] Vertigo [Bottom]1080057048
Konoha Flak Bottom657186264
[Gucci] - La Molla Finale Suit 4 [Lower]727791289
[GUCCI] Track Suit Pants1071931994
fire pant1105332508
White Glo Jeans & G Fazo's1010363073
Kawaii Hello Kitty Dress102302427
AJ Styles172007856
Black Slacks574448408

How to get any Roblox Pants IDs & Codes?

A lot of players are struggling and have problems when they try to find the id of their favorite pants in Roblox. As a reason of that, we decided to post one step by step tutorial and make the process smoother. This is easy and anyone can do it. Therefore, make sure to follow all the steps in this tutorial very carefully.

Lets get started with the steps you’ll need to follow.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the official login page to start searching for ids.
  • Further, please enter your information and login to your account dashboard. Once you are logged in, you should land on your own personal profile page.
  • Next step is to find the empty search field. It is on the the top of your screen. Click on it and press the space button once from your keyboard. Furthermore, few options will show up: Games, Players, Catalog, Groups and Library. You will need to click on the Catalog option to continue.
  • After that, please take a look on your left side and click on the Clothing section and select the desired item’s sub-category.
  • Furthermore, please find and click on your favorite jeans item from this Roblox Catalog. Once you have opened any, you should land on the item’s page. Therefore, you will see some information about it (Name, Creator, Date, Type etc.)
  • In the end take a look at the url of your opened item. You will notice some numbers between catalog and the item’s name. That is the unique id for the pants you have just opened from the Roblox Catalog.

See the process through images

See the images below to understand more clearly. First image includes the official login page of the website you need to open. The second image shows the empty search field and the catalog option you should click. Third image includes the clothing section and the pants sub-category. The last image shows the location of the number. These numbers are actually free unique codes for the Pants Items from the Clothing section in Roblox.

For example, we opened item with this url You can see that there are numbers 2665843588. Actually, all these numbers you see are the id.


As you can see the process is very simple and you can find any very easy. In addition you should not have problems if you follow all steps carefully. Those who are facing any troubles, feel free to send us a message through our contact page. You will get response within 24 hours. Our support team is always ready to help.

That is all about this unique codes in this amazing online multiplayer game. If you need more free codes and items like this, please make sure to visit any of our other categories. We provide almost everything that is related to this popular game.