Roblox RPG Simulator Codes – List of Active Promotions (May 2024)

Check the complete list of all Active RPG Simulator Codes and use these promotions to get Gold, Tokens, Crystals and level up easily in this popular Roblox game. Check this post on a daily basis so you can catch up the latest working and always up to date codes for this amazing game.

Full List of Roblox RPG Simulator Codes

Below you can see two lists of Codes for Roblox RPG Simulator. The players may find these promotions useful for obtaining Gold, Tokens, Crystals and many other in-game items for free. Furthermore, developer and owner of this RPG game is @ZephsyJ. Do not forget to follow his official Twitter profile and always get the latest game updates. In short, RPG Simulator is a fighting game where the players can fight monsters and bosses using swords and other various accessories. Players can get help in the battles using their own pet companion or team up with their friends and fight against the enemies.

This game has more than 70 million visits at the official Roblox website and the same has been favorited more than 200,000 times. It was created on 3/23/2019 and currently is one of the most popular Roblox Games.

Active Codes for RPG Simulator

Let’s start with the all active (most recent) codes for RPG Simulator. These promotions are completely free and the players are using them to get Gold, Tokens and Crystals so they can level up easily in this fighting game. Check all active promotions in the table below.

85KNiceRedeem this Code to Get 10,000 Coins & 500 TokensACTIVE
groupPrideRedeem this Code to Get Free Aura. You must be in this groupACTIVE

Expired Codes

The codes in the table below are different from the previous ones. To clarify, these promotions have expired and the same cannot be used anymore. However, in some cases, few of them might get re-activated. Check them below.

hallow2020Get a Lot of Coins and Tokens using this CodeEXPIRED
TWISTBDAYGet a Lot of Coins and Tokens using this CodeEXPIRED
HEEHOOUse this Code to Get Coins and TokensEXPIRED
SUMMERRedeem this Code to Get Coins and TokensEXPIRED
100KApply this Code to Get Coins and 69 TokensEXPIRED
SUMMERGet 123,400 Coins & 1,000 TokensEXPIRED
HEEHOOUse it to Get 600 TokensEXPIRED
delayed123,400 Coins & 1,000 TokensEXPIRED
epicgames69,696 Coins & 1 TokenEXPIRED

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox RPG Simulator?

Since you have the latest active codes you must learn how to redeem them. Therefore, below are few steps you need to follow in order to redeem them successfully.

Follow these steps:

  • Login into your Roblox account and launch RPG Simulator. After, that you should see your account dashboard as shown in the first image uploaded below.
  • After that take a look at the settings button. It is on the bottom of the right side of your screen. You can clearly see the exact location of the button in the first image below. Once you have found it, click it.
  • Furthermore, a new pop up window will open and you will see an empty field where you should enter the active code. Therefore, write any and click the big blue button to redeem.
  • In the end you will see a success message.
  • That’s it!

Let’s go through the images. Follow the white lines and arrows to understand the whole process much more easily. In the first image is the settings button. In the second image you can see the empty field where you should write your code and the redeem button.

RPG Simulator Codes
Roblox RPG Simulator Codes

That is all to say about these active promotions. In case you need help redeeming them, feel free to contact us. Our contact page is on the top of this page at the main menu. Our support will respond you shortly.

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