Roblox Zombie Strike Codes – Full List (October 2021)

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Complete List of Zombie Strike Codes – use them to get Caps, Vouchers, Guns, Brains and many other great rewards in your Roblox account. Check this list more often since we update it frequently. Once there are any new codes by the official developers, we immediately add them in the table with the active codes.

Zombie Strike Codes (Complete List)

Zombie Strike is one of the most popular dungeon zombie games at Roblox. Like most of the other games at Roblox, at Zombie Strike the players have the option to use Codes. These promotions are mostly used for getting various rewards such as Caps, Vouchers, Guns, Brains etc. Also, like most in the other games, there are levels at this one as well. The players need to make a progress through different levels. Once any player has leveled, he will unlock different areas.

Currently, there are 5 available dungeons in Zombie Strike:

  • The Retro City (Level 1 – 30)
  • The Factory (Levels 30 – 60) 
  • The Firelands (Levels 60 – 77)
  • The Frostlands – (Levels 77 – 106)
  • The Wild Wild West – (Levels 106 – 130+)

Furthermore, this game was created by the game development Good Ape and this group is owned by the popular Roblox game developer Kampfkarren. Make sure to follow this developer and always get the latest firsthand news. Also do not forget to follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Mix and join our Discord channel and Telegram group. You can find our official social media pages and channels under the username @tornadocodes. Further, in the two different tables below, are two different types of promotions. To clarify, at the first one, you can see all active promotions and in the second table are placed all expired codes for this game.

Zombie Strike Codes (Active)

These are the Codes for Zombie Strike which are currently available. These promotions are the most recent ones and the same has been checked manually. To clarify, we always check these codes before posting them at our website. Only in that way, we can make sure they are working. Check all active promotions for this popular game at the table below.

LOOTUse this Code to Get a 1,500 CapsACTIVE
COWBOYRedeem this Code and Get a 1,500 CapsACTIVE
ARENAApply this Code and Get a 1,500 CapsACTIVE
PRIZEGet a 1,500 CapsACTIVE
COOLGet a 1,500 CapsACTIVE
StrikeGet a 1,500 CapsACTIVE
EVILGet a 1,500 CapsACTIVE
TRANSRIGHTSGet a Voucher for a Powerful WeaponACTIVE
ZOMBIEGet a Voucher for a Powerful WeaponACTIVE
goblinGet a 1,500 CapsACTIVE

Expired Codes

Unfortunately, the codes you see are not active anymore. Therefore, you cannot use them anymore. They used to work in the past but they have been recently deactivated by the official developers. Check all expired promotions for this game from the table below.


How to Redeem Zombie Strike Codes at Roblox?

Follow the steps you see below if you want to redeem any of the active codes. Make sure to go step by step and follow everything carefully to redeem your reward successfully.

Follow these steps you redeem any of the active Zombie Strike Codes:

  • At first, you need to login into your Roblox account and start the game using the launcher. After that, once you are at your account dashboard, you need to locate the blue Twitter icon. It is on the right side of the screen. You can see the exact location of this button at the first image uploaded below.
  • After that, once you have found it you need to click on it. A new empty window will show up and this is where you need to place your code. Therefore, write any of the active codes in the empty field and hit the green “Submit” button. You can see this window in the second image.
  • In the end, if your code is valid and you have entered it correctly, you will see a success message and some information about the reward given. You can see a preview of this message in the last image uploaded below.
Zombie Strike Codes
Roblox Zombie Strike Codes List
Zombie Strike Codes List

Bonus Codes for other Popular Roblox Games

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