List of the Latest Active Roblox Baby Simulator Codes (May 2024)

Redeem Baby Simulator Codes to get Happiness, Coins, Pets and Gems in your Roblox account. Check the complete list and redeem all these promotions before they expire!

Baby Simulator Codes – Complete List

We created two lists of codes for this amazing game and we keep both of them up to date. Baby Simulator is a Roblox simulation game created on 2/5/2019 by the game developers @Aozwel and @Memguy. Furthermore, at this game you should obtain Coins and Happiness and you can do that through playing with different kind of toys or with redeeming any Baby Simulator Codes. According to the Roblox statistics this game has more than 130 million visits and almost 500,000 favorites. This is one of the most popular simulation games for sure. Do not forget to follow @aozwe on Twitter so you can always stay in touch with the latest game updates. Also do not forget to follow us on Twitter too @tornadocodes.

Baby Simulator Codes (Active)

In the list below are all active codes for this popular game. Furthermore, you can use these to Get Free Coins, Happiness, Gems, Pets, Rebirths, +Size and many other great rewards in this game.

10mvisitsUse this Code to Get +100 GemsACTIVE
100kfavsUse this Code to Get +25 GemsACTIVE
candylandRedeem this Code to Get +10 PeppermintACTIVE
happierbabyGet +100 Happiness with this CodeACTIVE
update2Redeem this Code to Get +200 CoinsACTIVE
update2Redeem this Code to Get +250 CoinsACTIVE
daddaEnter this Code to Get HappinessACTIVE
spaceRedeem this Code to Get +100 CoinsACTIVE
marsEnter this Code to Get CoinsACTIVE
waawaaEnter this Code to Get +50 GemsACTIVE
mammaGet +100 Happiness with this CodeACTIVE
gem50Enter this Code to Get +50 GemsACTIVE
secretcodeApply this Code to Get 150 HappinessACTIVE
zzzGet +100 Coins with this CodeACTIVE
Twitter1Apply this Code to Get +50 CoinsACTIVE
talkingbabyEnter this Code to Get +50 Happiness ACTIVE
Twitter2Apply this Code to Get 100 Free CoinsACTIVE
gem20Get +20 Gems with this CodeACTIVE
happybabyGet +20 Happiness with this CodeACTIVE
yumUse this Code to Get +25 PeppermintACTIVE
tokensUse this Code to Get +50 Orange TokensACTIVE
launchUse this Code to Get +50 CoinsACTIVE
blastoffUse this Code to Get +25 Orange TokensACTIVE
gemazingEnter this Code to Get +100 GemsACTIVE
5mvisitsEnter this Code to Get +50 Happiness ACTIVE
marsbabyEnter this Code to Get +100 Happiness ACTIVE
richbabyEnter this Code to Get +100 CoinsACTIVE

Note: We keep this up to date. Therefore, If any of these is listed wrong or expired please let us know.

Expired Codes

Some of the codes have been deactivated by the developers. Therefore, you can see the all expired promotions below.

MAMAUse this Code to Get +SizeEXPIRED
GooGooUse this Code to Get +200 coinsEXPIRED
minecraftUse this Code to Get +SizeEXPIRED
MAMAYApply this Code to Get +100 coinsEXPIRED
imastupidchildUse this Code to Get +SizeEXPIRED

How to Redeem Codes in Baby Simulator?

Below are some super-easy steps you’ll need to follow if you want to learn how to redeem Baby Simulator Codes and get a reward in your Roblox account.

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Roblox website and launch the Baby Simulator Game from there. You can also launch it through the app.
  • Furthermore, once you are in your profile dashboard, take a look on your left side. You will notice on small blue bird icon. This is the icon you need to click. Therefore, please click it to proceed.
  • After that you will see a new box with one empty field titled “Code”. Enter any active code in the empty field and click the green button to redeem.
  • In the end if your code is valid and you have entered it correctly you will see a success message “:D SUCCESS!”
  • That’s it!

We have used our official profile to create some images of this process. Therefore, make sure to follow the green arrows in the images to understand this process easily. The first image contains the blue bird icon. In the second image you can see the empty box and the green redeem button. In the last image you can see the success message.

Baby Simulator Codes
Roblox Baby Simulator Codes
Baby Simulator Codes List

We have covered everything in details and you should not have any troubles following these steps. However, if you are new at this game and you are stuck in the middle of the process, feel free to contact us via our contact page. Our contact support will to help you in a very short time.

More Codes for Popular Roblox Games

In addition, this is only one of the many simulation games at Roblox. Therefore, below is a list of some of the most popular games at this gaming platform. We provide codes for all of them. Check the list of the most played games below.

  • Anime Fighting Simulator
  • RoCitizens
  • Mad City
  • Tower Defense
  • Jailbreak
  • MM2
  • Deathrun
  • Alchemist

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any new valid codes for this game.

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