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See the Full List of all active Build a Boat for Treasure Codes and redeem any in your Roblox Account to get Gold, Candy, Baloons, Plane, Blocks or Cake. Visit us more frequently to catch up any of the promotions before they expire!

Build a Boat For Treasure Codes New List

We keep our lists with codes up to date so the players will always have the opportunity to catch up the latest promotions for this game. Originally, this game was created by the development group Chillz Studios on 11/2/2016. Build a Boat For Treasure has an amazing stattistics at the Roblox website: 670 million visits in total and the game has been favorited more than 3 million times. According to these stats, it is one of the most played games at this online gaming platform. Furthermore, the player’s main mission is to reach the end of the map using a boat in order to obtain specific treasure.

Active Codes

Below you can see the list with all valid Codes for Build a Boat for Treasure. We will add code in the list once there is any new released by the official developers. Check all of them below.

Happy EasterGet 5 Balloons, 5 Cake, 5 Pink Candy and 5 Blue CandyACTIVE
TTTRRREEEAAASSSUUURRREEEUse this Code to Get 1 common Chest Block, 5 Star, 5 Pink Candy and 15 Neon BlockACTIVE
!ERROR! undefined variable 'd'Redeem this Code and get 5 GoldACTIVE
hiRedeem this Code and get 5 GoldACTIVE
The Sasquatch?1 Portal Block, 10 Balloons and 5 Circle FireworksACTIVE
!ERROR! undefined variable 'p'Redeem this Code and get 5 GoldACTIVE
chillthrill709 was hereGet 1 Firework using this CodeACTIVE
squid armyApply this Code to get 22 Gold and 22 IceACTIVE
Lurking Code10 Balloons, 5 Super Fireworks and 1 Portal BlockACTIVE
Big F00t Print10 Balloons, 5 Cake and 25 Neon BlockACTIVE

Build a Boat For Treasure Codes (Expired)

In the list below are expired codes for the game. Therefore, you cannot use any of these because they have been disabled by the official developers. However, you might still want to take a look at them and see what kind of rewards they used to give in the past.

The Decoding Of The Boat5 Bundles of Dynamite, 1 Soccer Ball, 50 Grass Block and 1 HarpoonEXPIRED
50fabricGet 50 Fabric with this CodeEXPIRED
Veterans Day10 Banner, 10 Star Block, 10 Balloons, 5 Circle Fireworks, 5 Super Fireworks and 5 Cluster FireworksEXPIRED
500M Visits5 Cake, 4 Portal, 25 Balloons and 20 Star BlockEXPIRED
OneYearOneCheer5 Pink Candy, 10 Balloons, 1 Cake and 5 Cluster FireworksEXPIRED
HMMMMM1 TNT, 1 Worthy’s Plushie and 5 Star BlockEXPIRED
Not a Code25 Ice, 3 Cake, 5 Star Block, 1 Chillz Plushie and 1 White ThrusteEXPIRED
Free Star JetpackGet 1 Star Jetpack using this CodeEXPIRED
Update Tomorrow5 Star Block, 5 Pink Candy and 5 Ring Firework EXPIRED
A Boat20 Wood, 1 Wooden Crow´s nest, 1 Gold Throne, 1 Wooden Helm, 4 Cannon, 10 Star Block and 1 Harpoon EXPIRED
BBBOOOAAATTTSSS!!!4 Wood Block, 1 Boat Motor, 1 Car Seat and 1 CakeEXPIRED
1M Members5 Ultra Thruster, 100 Balloons, 10 Cake, 3 Pink Candy and 25 Neon BlockEXPIRED
100 wooden rodsGet 100 wood postEXPIRED
HiddenCode7091 Cake ,25 Neon Block, 10 Balloons and 5 CannonEXPIRED
Level 16Use this Code to get Free 16 StarEXPIRED
There is no code15 Balloons, 5 Cake, 5 Super Firework and 5 Neon BlockEXPIRED
Valentine’s Day10 Heart, 10 Balloons, 3 Cake and 5 Pink CandyEXPIRED

How to Redeem Codes in Build a Boat For Treasure?

Follow the steps you see below very carefully if you want to redeem Build a Boat for Treasure Codes successfully.

  • Log in to your Roblox account and launch the Build a Boat For Treasure game from here.
  • After that, when the game has fully loaded, take a look on your right side to locate the “Shop” button. Once you have found it, click it to proceed.
  • Next you need to do is to click the settings icon as shown in the second image below. After that scroll down to the end and you will see one empty field where you should write your secret code. Therefore, write any and click the green button to redeem your Reward.
  • That’s it.

First image includes the exact location of the “Shop” button. Make sure to focus on the green lines and arrows in the images below to easily understand how this process works. In the second one, you can see the settings button you need to click. In the last image you can see the empty button where you should enter your code and the green button you need to click.

Build a Boat For Treasure Codes
Roblox Build a Boat For Treasure Codes
Build a Boat For Treasure Codes List

Note: Some players have reported that they are having problems following the steps. Therefore, if you have problems during the process, please contact us using our contact page. Our support will be glad to help you.

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In the end, please let us know if you have any new valid code for this game. We will check the code manually using our official Roblox profile @tornadocodes before posting it at our website. Follow us at this platform if you want and we will follow you back.

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