List of Active Roblox Destruction Simulator Codes (June 2024)

Check the list of all working & not expired Codes for Roblox Destruction Simulator. Use them to get Boosts, Coins and other great rewards. This list is constantly updated as long as there are any new codes released by the developers. Do not forget to visit this page more often and never miss a promotion!

Destruction Simulator Codes – Up to Date List

Thousands of players are looking for a valid Destruction Simulator Codes. As a reason of that we created list of the most recent ones. These codes are useful for getting some in-game items such as Coins and Boosts. Furthermore, for those who don’t know, Destruction Simulator is one popular Roblox game created by the Roblox user @silky_dev. In short this is a game where the players can destroy buildings and different kind of objects using bombs and rockets. For doing this they earn bricks and later they can sell the bricks for coins. Furthermore, the players can use the coins to buy backpacks, bombs and rockets. Do not forget to follow @silkygames on Twitter so you can stay in touch with the latest game updates. Also do not forget to follow us on Twitter too. You can find us under the username : @tornadocodes.

Destruction Simulator Codes (Active)

Below are the most recent and valid codes for Destruction Simulator. Redeem all of these immediately because they usually don’t last long. Use these to get Coins and Boosts in your Destruction Simulator account. Do not forget to use the Next/Previous button under the table to see all codes.

ranksEnter this Code to Get Boost of X2 Coins for 60 minACTIVE
epicvolcanoEnter this Code to Get Boost of X2 Coins for 60 minACTIVE
levelboostEnter this Code to Get Boost of X2 Coins for 60 minACTIVE
pumpkintimeEnter this Code to Get Boost of X2 Coins for 60 minACTIVE
releaseEnter this Code to Get Boost of X2 Coins for 60 minACTIVE
levelboostUse this Code to Get 1 Level UpACTIVE
200kApply this Code to Get 50,000 CoinsACTIVE
IDKUnknown RewardACTIVE
whitecloudsApply this Code to Get 25,000 CoinsACTIVE
blackcloudsApply this Code to Get 15,000 CoinsACTIVE
noviceApply this Code to Get 1,250 CoinsACTIVE
5kRedeem this Code to Get 5,000 CoinsACTIVE
500kRedeem this Code to Get 5,000 CoinsACTIVE
freebeeRedeem this Code to Get 2,500 CoinsACTIVE
citUnknown RewardACTIVE
robloxroxRedeem this Code to Get 2,500 CoinsACTIVE
rebirthRedeem this Code to Get 25,000 CoinsACTIVE
CashpleaseRedeem this Code to Get 40,000 CoinsACTIVE
REELRedeem this Code to Get 10,000 CoinsACTIVE
safetyfirstRedeem this Code to Get 35,000 CoinsACTIVE
gottagrindUse this Code to Get 1,000 CoinsACTIVE
SubbyUse this Code to Get 50,000 CoinsACTIVE

Expired Codes

On the other side in the table below you can see all expired promotions for this game. Please take a note that you cannot use them anymore cause they have been deactivated by the official developers.

Note: There are not any expired codes at this moment!


How to use Codes in Roblox Destruction Simulator?

Do you know how to enter codes in this game? If you don’t know and you want to learn how to do this, make sure to read the steps below. We have explained everything about this process.

Follow these steps :

  • At first log in to your Roblox account. Launch Destruction Simulator using the official launcher and click the play button. Once you are into your account dashboard you will see a blue bird icon. This is actually the official Twitter logo and you can see it on your right side of the screen. Click on it.
  • After that you will see one empty field. Write your code in this field and click the green submit button.
  • That’s it!

Below are two images which show this process. In the first image you can see the Twitter icon and in the second one you can see the empty field along with the green “Submit” button. Follow the white arrows in the images.

Destruction Simulator Codes
Roblox Destruction Simulator Codes

This is very easy. In addition all these steps are almost identical as in the other Roblox games. However, there are some players which are facing problems entering the promotions. Therefore, if you are one of those please send us a message via our contact page. Our contact support is super friendly and will answer you in a very short time.

More Codes for Similar Roblox Games

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