Level Up Fast by using Roblox Dinosaur Simulator Codes (May 2024)

Check our list of up to date Dinosaur Simulator Codes and use any code to get DNA and unlock the Megavore, Albino Terror, Wyvern or any other dinosaur. Do not forget to follow our official Roblox profile @tornadocodes and our social media pages so you can always stay in touch with the latest game promotions.

Dinosaur Simulator Codes – Up to Date List

The players are using Codes in Roblox Dinosaur Simulator to obtain DNA or to unlock any dinosaurs. Furthermore, this game was created on March 19, 2015 by the game developer @ChickenEngineer. This game quickly became one of the most played Roblox games with millions players around the world. Currently this game has more than 1 million favorites at the official Roblox website and this game has been visited almost 200 million times. @ChickenEngineer has almost 40k followers on Twitter so make sure to follow him for the latest game updates.

Active Codes for Dinosaur Simulator

Below are all active codes for this game. All these are case-sensitive so make sure to enter any in your account as it is shown in the table below.

060515Redeem this Code to Unlock the Twitter OrnithomimusACTIVE
115454Redeem this Code to Unlock the Chickenosaurus (Avimimus)ACTIVE
092316Enter this Code to Unlock the Electric PteranodonACTIVE
Burnt BurritoEnter this Code to Unlock the Yutashu (Troodon)ACTIVE
060398Use this Code to Unlock the Dodo (Avimimus)ACTIVE
AMERICARedeem this Code to Unlock the Freedom Eagle BalaurACTIVE
drinnkRedeem this Code to Unlock the Pizza Delivery MapusaurusACTIVE
PokemantrainerEnter this Code to Unlock the Wyvern (Hatzegopteryx)ACTIVE

Please let us know if any of these codes is listed wrong or it has expired.

Expired Promotions

These promotions have expired. They were active for certain period of time but now they are not You can check all these in the table below.

06066Enter this Code to Unlock the Isisauriraptor (Megavore)EXPIRED
ALIENSUse this Code to Unlock the Lil’ UFO PteranodonEXPIRED
Gravy28571Apply this Code to Unlock the Thanksgiving StegocerasEXPIRED

How to Redeem Dinosaur Simulator Codes?

Make sure to read all steps you see below if you want to learn how to redeem promotions in Dinosaur Simulator. In addition it is very simple process but you must follow all these steps very carefully.

Follow these steps:

  • At first log in to your Roblox Dinosaur Simulator account. Obviously, you should already know how to do this step.
  • After that find the grey box titled “Promo Codes”. It is on the bottom of your screen. Once you have found it, please click it.
  • Furthermore, you will see one empty field where should write your code. Therefore, write active code in the empty field and click the blue button to redeem.
  • In the end if your code is valid you will see a success message.

We uploaded three images which explain this process. Make sure to follow the green lines and arrows so you can understand this process easily. Furthermore, in the first image you can see the location of the Promo Codes button. In the second image you can see the empty box where you should write your code. The last image contains the success message and some information about the reward.

Dinosaur Simulator Codes
Roblox Dinosaur Simulator Codes
Dinosaur Simulator Codes List

That is all to say about the Codes in Dinosaur Simulator. Follow these steps carefully and you will redeem your reward in seconds. On the other side, if you are facing any troubles and for some reason you cannot redeem any of the codes, feel free to contact us. Our contact support will try to help you in a very short time.

More Codes for Popular Roblox Games

There are many other popular Roblox games as Dinosaur Simulator. Best of all we provide codes for almost all of them. Therefore, if you need more active promotions for any Roblox game make sure to visit our other pages There are codes for some of the most popular games at this online gaming platform. Best of all we keep all those lists with codes always up to date.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any new working promo code for this game. We’ll check the code and post it in the table above within 24 hours.

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