Roblox Dragon Adventures Codes (September 2021)

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See all Dragon Adventures Codes and use any in your Roblox account to get Eggs, Dragons and Coins. Check our huge and up to date list now! We update this collection with codes almost every day so make sure to check it more often.

Dragon Adventures Codes

These in-game codes are very useful if you want to get some special rewards like coins and eggs. They will help you to raise your own dragon faster and make it stronger. Furthermore, you can use some of these to unlock any dragon species.

Active Codes

Below is a full list with all active codes for this outstanding game with Dragons. We will update this list once we got any new code.

HEALTHYUse this Code to get Max Revive CrystalsACTIVE
NEWRedeem this Code and Get Color Shuffle PotionACTIVE
UIRedeem this Code and Get Material Shuffle PotionACTIVE

If any of these codes is listed wrong or it has expired please let us know. We are trying to keep this list with only active codes. On the other side, those developers or players who have new code for this game which is not listed please use this page to send us the code. Further, we will add it in the list within 24 hours.

Expired Dragon Adventure Codes

These codes don’t work anymore. Currently they have been disabled by the official developers. However, you might still want to check any of them. You can do that below.

SPECIALUse this Code to get a Color Shuffle PotionEXPIRED
SHINYGet Golden Apples when you apply this CodeEXPIRED
TASTYRedeem this Code and Get 50 PumpkinEXPIRED
SolarSolstice Use this Code to Get 5,000 CoinsEXPIRED
SunnyDayApply it and get 1 Lava Preset PotionEXPIRED
SunGodEnter this Code to get 1 Golden Bear PlushieEXPIRED
MilomissionsRedeem this Code and Get 20 BananaEXPIRED
QuestmasterEnter this Code and Get 2500 CoinsEXPIRED
NewL0bbyUse this Code to get 1 Color Order PotionEXPIRED
20k2020Enter this Code and Get 2500 CoinsEXPIRED
BunnyGet 50 Bunny when you apply this Code.EXPIRED
HappyEasterUse this Code to Get 1 Easter Preset PotionEXPIRED
EgghuntGet 100 chocolate EggEXPIRED
b0ndUse this Code to get 1 Color Shuffle PotionEXPIRED
ToxicGet 1,000 CcoinsEXPIRED
WaspGet 10 Toxic WasteEXPIRED
Wastel4ndRedeem this Code to get 1 Radioactive Present PotionEXPIRED
Val2020Get 500 CoinsEXPIRED
DAValentinesGet 1 Free Heart Preset PotionEXPIRED
HappyValentinesGet 75 Free Heart TreatEXPIRED

How to use Codes in Dragon Adventures?

Lets go through the steps you’ll need to follow in order to redeem some Dragon Adventures Codes.

  • Launch Dragon Adventures on your device. (Use the launcher from the Roblox website or app.
  • Furthermore, click the home icon which is located on your right side of the screen. This step is shown in the first image below.
  • Once you clicked on it, you will notice one menu. Therefore, click on the Twitter icon. You can see the location of this icon in the second image below.
  • In the end write any code in the empty field and click the submit button.

Take a look in the images below to understand this process. For example in the first image you can see our avatar riding a dragon and the home button you need to click.

Dragon Adventures Codes
Dragon Adventures Codes

Furthermore, below you can see the Twitter icon you need to click. You can see the exact location of the icon in the image below.

Dragon Adventures Codes Roblox

In the last image you can see the empty field where you should write any active Dragon Adventures codes and the submit button.

Dragon Adventures Codes Roblox

To sum up, these are the all necessary steps you need to follow. Above all you can always contact us if you have troubles during this process. To do that visit the contact page from the main menu at our website. Further, complete the form there to send us the message. Our support will give you an answer in a very short time.

This game was created by multiple developers. Furthermore, we posted a list of developers who worked on this Dragon Adventures game.

  • Erythia – This is the Project Lead.
  • Alertcoderf – Lead Programmer.
  • kipp4h, GeneralGory, BenSBk- programmers.
  • Dapvhir – designer.
  • 144hertz, Domeboybeene – these two are 3D Artists.

Make sure to follow their official Roblox profiles.

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