Complete List of All Roblox Giant Simulator Codes (July 2024)

Check the full list of all active Giant Simulator Codes. Use these to get Soul Gems, Pets, Gold, Quest Points, Clovers or Hearts in your Roblox account. Make sure to visit this page more often and never miss a Roblox Promotion!

Giant Simulator Codes – Up to Date List

The players are using Codes in Giant Simulator to get Gold, Quest Points, Clovers, Hearts or any other rewards. This popular action game was created by the Development Group Mithril Games. This group is co-owned by the user and programmer @FableRBX. The players in this game tend to become stronger and richer. As a reason of that they are looking for promotions to speed up this process. This game has more than 60 million visits at the official Roblox website and the same has been favorited almost 300,000 times. Do not forget to follow the lead programmer @fablerbx and the group @MithrilGames on Twitter so you can always get the latest updates from first hand. The programmer also stands behind Space Mining Simulator which is another popular game. Anyway, more about this game in another post.

Giant Simulator Codes (Active)

Below are the most recent active Roblox Giant Simulator Codes. Use them to get Soul Gems, Pets, Gold, Quest Points, Clovers, Hearts or any other rewards. We try to keep this list fresh and always up to date. Therefore, if you have any new codes for this game please send them to us. We will review them using our official Roblox profile and post the valid ones in the table below within 24 hours.

AzadArtifacts03Redeem this Code and Get 10,000 goldACTIVE
ArtifactGet 500 Quest Points when you redeem this CodeACTIVE
miloartifacts13Apply this Code and Get 10,000 goldACTIVE

Expired Codes

On the other side the codes below have been expired. To clarify that means that you cannot redeem them anymore. However, you might still want to take a look and see what rewards they used to give in the past.

demonkingEnter this Code to Get 20,000 GoldEXPIRED
fiftymillUse this Code to Get 20,000 GoldEXPIRED
ShyTempleUse this Code Get 20,000 GoldEXPIRED
PurpleFemTempleUse this Code Get 10,000 GoldEXPIRED
SoulFarmEnter this Code to Get 10,000 GoldEXPIRED
mumazingtempleEnter this Code to Get 10,000 GoldEXPIRED
milotempleEnter this Code to Get 10,000 GoldEXPIRED
azadtempleEnter this Code to Get 10,000 GoldEXPIRED
austintemple10,000 GoldEXPIRED
dantemple10,000 GoldEXPIRED
temple20,000 GoldEXPIRED
Clover2020Redeem this Code to Get 2,000 CloversEXPIRED
StPatrick10,000 GoldEXPIRED
Balance10,000 GoldEXPIRED
AustinPets2,500 GoldEXPIRED
ValentineGet 1,000 HeartsEXPIRED
GiantTofuuGet 10,000 GoldEXPIRED
PetsGet 10,000 GoldEXPIRED
AzadPetsGet 2,500 GoldEXPIRED
PlanetMiloPets2,500 GoldEXPIRED
RazorFishPets5,000 GoldEXPIRED
Boss10,000 GoldEXPIRED
Newyear10,000 GoldEXPIRED
LaborDay2,500 GoldEXPIRED
Azad26k2,600 GoldEXPIRED
subtoplanetmilo2,500 GoldEXPIRED
subtopurplefembot2,000 GoldEXPIRED
QuestEnter this Code to Get some GoldEXPIRED
SubToAustinUse this Code to Get 1,200 GoldEXPIRED
TenMillionUse this Code to Get 5,000 GoldEXPIRED
TofuuRebirth1Use this Code to Get 5,000 GoldEXPIRED
Rebirth10,000 GoldEXPIRED
planetmilogaming5,000 GoldEXPIRED
razorfishgaming2,500 GoldEXPIRED
Tofuu5,000 GoldEXPIRED
robzi5,000 GoldEXPIRED
gravycatman5,000 GoldEXPIRED
ArenaGet 1,000 GoldEXPIRED
russoplaysGet 5,000 GoldEXPIRED
LaunchUnknown RewardEXPIRED
BattleUnknown RewardEXPIRED

How to enter Giant Simulator Codes and get a reward in your Roblox account?

Read the steps below to understand how you can enter codes in this game and get a reward.

Follow these steps:

  • At first please log in to your Roblox Giant Simulator account.
  • After that take a look on the right side of the screen. You will see one white bird icon. Click on it.
  • A new box will show up and you will notice see one empty field. Write your code in the empty field and hit that big green button to redeem.
  • In the end you will see a success message which contains information about the reward.

Below are three images you might want to check if you are facing any difficulties during the redeeming process. For example in the first image you can see the Twitter button. Furthermore, in the second image is the empty box and in the last image you can see information about the reward.

Giant Simulator Codes
Roblox Giant Simulator Codes
Giant Simulator Codes List

It is very easy right? However, if for some reason you cannot enter any code or you are facing any other troubles in this game feel free to contact us. Our support is always ready to help. But please at first make sure that you are entering your code as it is in the table above and that the same has not expired.

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