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See the full list of all valid Power Simulator Codes and apply any in your Roblox account to get amazing rewards. Become a SuperHero now! We update this list every single day so make sure to check it more often. Redeem any in your account as fast as possible before it expire.

Power Simulator Codes List

We provide updated with such a lot of codes for this amazing game created at Roblox. Furthermore, for those who don’t know, this game was created by one creative development company – Scotty’s Developments. At this game you can play as a SuperHero who will try to save the city or play as a evil villain who will not follow the rules and try to dominate everything.

List of Active Codes

Below is a table with the most recent and valid codes for this game. Use any in your Roblox Account as it is in the table if you want to claim your reward successfully. We will update this list once there is any new code released by the developers. Take a look below.

BOTSApply this code and get 150 tokensACTIVE
35M150 tokensACTIVE
RIPLighthouseRedeen this code and get 150 tokensACTIVE
100KLikes150 tokensACTIVE
Tidemaster150 tokensACTIVE
Villain150 tokensACTIVE
TokenMasterGet Free 125 tokensACTIVE
15M150 tokensACTIVE
TokenLifeUse it to get 175 tokensACTIVE
baro150 tokensACTIVE
Sly150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2IntelPlayz150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Cookie150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2DeildPlays150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2jojocrafthp150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2magikarpfilms150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Rainway150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2azend150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Rektway150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Telanthric150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2TanqR150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Russo150 tokensACTIVE
scottyGet 150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2razorfishgaming150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Rexex150 tokensACTIVE
DvyzUse it to get Free 175 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Poke150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2robzi150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Seniac150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Tofuu150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Bandites150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2gravycatman150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2NikTac150 tokensACTIVE
Sub2Flamingo150 tokensACTIVE

Expired List of Power Simulator Codes

Save your time and do not try any of the codes from the table below. We have manually checked to see if any is still working. Usually we test all codes before being posted using our official Roblox Profile : @tornadocodes. Make sure to follow us and we will follow you back.

PETCAVEUse this code to get 150 tokensEXPIRED

How to Redeem Codes in Power Simulator?

Follow these super-easy steps to redeem any codes in Roblox Power Simulator:

  • Launch the Power Simulator game from the link at the official website or using the app.
  • Once you get in your dashboard take a look on your left side of the screen. You will notice blue Twitter icon. Click on it. To see the exact location of the icon, please visit the first uploaded image below.
  • After that one empty box will show up in the middle of your screen. That is the field where you should enter any valid code. Therefore, write any and hit the green “Submit” button. You can see this step in the second image below.
  • In the end you will see “Success” message if your code is valid and if you have entered it correctly. You can see this message in the last image below.

We always demonstrate the process of redeeming codes through images. Therefore, you can see all previous steps in the images below. Please try to focus on the green lines and arrows to understand how this process works.

Power Simulator Codes
Power Simulator Codes
Power Simulator Codes Roblox
Power Simulator Codes List

That is all to say about the process of redeeming any codes at this game. To clarify, the process is almost identical as in most of the games created at Roblox. However, we are always ready to assist you if you have any troubles during the process. In addition, our contact support is ready to answer on every single question you have about this game.

Similar Roblox Games & Codes

Power Simulator is just one in a sea of thousands games developed at Roblox. Furthermore, our website has lists with promotions for many popular games at this platform. Therefore, those players who need more promotions, make sure to visit our page where are listed all codes for Games. You can do that here. On the other side, below you can see three other games with codes you might want give it a try.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any new codes.

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