Complete List of Roblox Music Codes & Song IDs (May 2024)

Check our big list of Roblox Music Codes so you can easily discover any Song IDs. Furthermore, you can easily find the id of your favorite sound in Roblox totally free. This database is constantly updated and it is valid for 2024.

Roblox Music Codes & Song IDs List

Everybody loves music. When is talking about the Roblox Music, we made a list of Codes, so the players can easily find various Song IDs. Therefore, feel free to perform a search in our database for id of any sound you want, which is available at Roblox. This website has huge audio library with millions songs in different genres, recorded by many popular artists around the world.

Furthermore, the players can get a lot of Roblox Music Codes and a search for a Song IDs in different genres such as: Rap, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Country, Instrumental, Electronic, House and many other. Currently, there are more than 485,128 songs at the official website you can choose from. Best of all, at this website, you can make the search process easier with sorting all songs by popularity, most favorited, best-selling or recently updated.

Further, in the list below, you can see a list of all Music Codes and Song IDs for Roblox. To start searching for id through our database with Music, please enter the name of the song in the empty search field.

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Eminem - Rap God (Animal ######### Favs!*1008920801
The Monster - Eminem ft Rihanna137482657
Post malon - Sunflower (dusty Remix) ft Swae Lee2518263386
50 Cent - Candy Shop135212455
Justin Bieber - Baby215816785
GTA V Theme Song235418912
Star Wars Cantina Theme131077111
Donald The Trump Train (Bing Bong)542331117
sad song for broken hearts169827397
Sound of Da Police (Loop)893103157
Banana Bus164384058
Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams2177911889
Help Me Help You845709185
(~Undertale //Stronger Than You//Frisk)~344884629
Old Town Road OOFED3180460921
Mining - Minecraft Parody of Drowning958013786
Runway Music181545994
TheFatRat - Monody (Full Song)576096781
Happier | Marshmello ft. Bastille. (Nightmix)2612256927
Steven Universe - Stronger Than You225999739
Cartoon - On & On (feat. ###### #####278865191
undertale undertale353445543
He is We - I wouldn't mind161711549
South Park - Poker Face150362247
Shooting Stars - Yea Boi662742095
Post Malon - Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign2911133909
Good Form - Nicki Minaj2215606900
Fnaf 2: It's Been so Long192187815
Ali a intro2393912281
Why - Jay Fee [ ORIGINAL ]703419538
Gummy bear138079454
-Don't Mine At Night - A Minecraft Parody-231901259
Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix)272156573
Aku no ######### to Seigi no censored due to roblo3914729152
Minecraft Cave Song! (Loopable)130776810
Genius ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth (Nightcore)2454296933
Nico Nico Nii Dubstep466606203
BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Boy in Luv281802788
Istiklal Marsi - TSK Bandosu160683797
♫Narwhals[FULL VERSION]♫ (New Audio!!)187640572
Emotional Titanic Flute173164606
Dr. Dre - Still Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg131026820
Marshmello - Keep it Mello ft. Omar LinX453400361
Christmas Dubstep191120130
Super Mario World Athletic155738252
JoJo Siwa - BOOMERANG422736658
Attack on Titan(SNK) OST Dubstep -SaHi237361114
SHUT UP!130782980
The Song Of The Dragonborn138297303
bad guy - Billie Eilish3017157406
Halsey - Without Me [Nightcore] [2k+ Sales!]2550958214
anuel- secreto2748175640
Led Train ## Go Go Go !3073362064
Deja Vu!!1060223738
2006 Roblox Theme860317713
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody142058994
bts idol2263529670
Pokemon Origins - Wild Pokemon143994596
long time993749607
Drag Me Down ~ One Direction (Official Song)400+!!278018477
Robin - Yay!1223392765
XXXTENTACION- Arms around you2534794573
Panic! At The Disco- High Hopes2161292014
Barney Theme Song TRAP REMIX (150+ SOLD)225935589
Rihanna - Only Girl In The World134580833
The Show Must Go On - FNAF203654824
(ORIGINAL) Bass Remix - BASS BOOSTED144043573
Nightcore - Panic Room2115450684
Sub Urban - Cradles3417133618
##### ##### - Dancin #### Remix)2705508118
i gotta a felling136225533
Duki - She Dont Give A (Ft. Khea)1499876964
WE CANT STOP130833038
||φ|| ariana grande - breathin ♡2230987396
JUST DO IT!256575709
Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku1783566706
moto moto - big and chunky [my version]2908495407
Only Yesterday - Main Theme997000890
calboy~envy me good version2709334529
Ariana Grande - Last Christmas181927642
Glue70 - Casin [2000+]482978102
Nightcore - This Little Girl [Full]547146677
Undertale - Undyne!333875306
Nightcore - So Am I ( Ava Max)2937890821
THE MEME SONG433214378
Trippie Red - Trap Star834579647
Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier(Remix) Full Song2290861315
Shake It Off181415910
Guns and Ships ~ Hamilton The Musical326731948
Bendy and the Ink Machine Song718493173
NEFFEX - Best of Me1054426806
Hit the Quan Trap Remix299899454
#### ###### - Alone X Marshmello - Alone1128922213
The Party Troll Song179056403
Undertale's Stronger Than You693163614
Darkside [Nightcore] No Copyright2165491141
Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho2529951321
Nightcore - Monsters639976862
The Derp Song [1200+ Takes]131556035
What Does The Fox Say!?134633419
Baby Crying Noise181344739
Undertale - Megalo Strike Back342274063
FNaF SL - I Can't Fix You570702306
Bass Head (bass boost)741731843
You Should see me in a crown - Pitched2203914587
LazyTown - We are Number One506880899
Dani Russo - A Melhor do Baile (KondZilla)607714711
FEFE - Nicki Minaj's Verse ????2129322819
catch me outside how bout that617992242
Siri iPhone Remix429556539
Nick Bean- Chicken Nugget472422340
RegularYT - Anime Theme Song458756773
MLG Audio362846090
Eminem - Venom (Low Volume)2493802314
Reynmen - Derdim Olsun2811762247
ROBLOX Old Theme Song159575714
Marble Soda - Shawn Wasabi241343043
Smosh - Assasins creed 3152656350
Alec Benjamin - The Water Fountain615938297
Die in a Fire242370482
Krusty Krab Remix176823292
Rich Chigga - Dat $tick458554773
Me Reclama - Ft Ozuna, Luigi 21 Plus547249957
Attack on Titan155107435
Gun Shot131070686
Revenge (Minecraft Music)3807239428
ALL THE WAY463262974
Un Poco loco COCO1339103355
Underpants: Mogolovonio (1,000+ TAKES!)391535805
XXXTENTACION, Lil Pump, Swae Lee - Arms Around You2510180816
Naruto Shippuden-Blue Bird388673403
My Little Pony Theme Song [Full Song] [999 takes!]142324083
Donald trump568927358
SCP-173 Song146311683
Westover PD-Pull Over1025087705
Let Me Go - Loving Caliber951837544
Sonic X Theme Song144304272
Gotta Go Fast - Sonic390846973
Crab Rave (Full Song)2699357918
Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools131136416
Adele - Hello (Laibert Remix)338223347
Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macleod165922914
Shape Of You (Ellis Remix)1064934754
Anna Blue - Silent Scream595661984
ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED - MLG Sound Effects (HD)485725775
▶[nightcore] ★ Rockefeller Street255288110
Police Radio Chatter142435446
Daft Punk - Get Lucky140458909
Nightcore - Go Go Go491431027
Freddy's 3 - Die In A Fire270470471
Let Her Go- Passenger 2000+ takes138087152
Havana - Camila Cabello Remix2146629043
Walker Alan All Falls Down2586815779
Twenty One Pilots - Heavydirtysoul976514541
Undertale - Battle Against A True Hero333552980
Walker Alan - Alone & Sing Me To Sleep Full1473603054
Eu sou uma foca - Luccas Neto - Remix1058383352
I'm Elmo and I Know It ORIGINAL ( LMFAO Parody )170804280
Bad Bunny- Solo de mi2680439314
Trump Sings Barbie Girl685323634
Goofy Goober 2 Minutes142396943
Rauf-Детство (Remix)2535363126
Police Siren (Dual Siren)1182558920
(nightcore) gnash - i hate u i love u358766962
RiceGum - Frick Da Police (iDubbbz Diss Track) ????1099989717
The Federation's Anthem584992986
Radioactive : Imagine Dragons132826277
You are an idiot ha ha ha ha ah ha ha haha ha haha131490087
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ~ Lifelight2532792635
Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song138310274
Everything is Batman160681853
God's Plan2100026660
Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)277260411
You Failed130839932
TULE - Fearless [NCS Release]1064550017
Donald Trump and Friends Theme Song380762696
Halsey - Eastside2176524543
Jingle Bells! (1000+ takes!)138080071
TICOLE É MU IT O BOM ! ss2000+ Vendas2829684711
Jennie(BP) - 'SOLO' (Remix)2578550659
[HD] Nightcore - In The Name Of Love (Full)1329141263
I Cant Fix You-The Living Tombstone & Crush588408440
Pokemon Lavender Town FULL 800+ SALES!142285337
Duki - Si te sentis sola1530211442
USA national anthem142460331
2Fast2Furious-Ludacris-Act A Fool(LOUD ASF)444784297
I Think I'm In Love - Kat Dahlia (Nightcore)397456205
Double Boost Ear Destroyer1034903243
Ed Sheeran & Sia - Shape of You / The Greatest670555027
Crabrave / Obama is gone!!!2562784328
THE HERO!! - One Punch Man339250412
Montana Of 300- Ice Cream Truck (Uploaded By DDK)194695641
Juice Wrld - Sad2112177463
Juice WRLD- Wasted (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)2114169156
Dj Kass – Scooby Doo Pa Pa1208498382
Nightcore - Friends (Marshmello and Anne-Marie)2584904009
TOY | Netta. (Nightcore)2311974136
We Will Rock You - Queen140777409
UFO Flying162670113
ODer alarm.1017763018
Baby shark remix1256138056
Hamilton Alexander Hamilton (Entire Song)527398607
Flutter Shy - ..Yay!..130764531
in the name of love781972778
ali a1749327371
Doja Cat - Mooo!2306865285
Blackbear - Deadroses367340902
Skeck Wes - Mo Bamba2684112662
Dear Zarathustra2291200106
The Ultimate Showdown (Of Ultimate Destiny)163164602
Running in the oof's.mp31252256512
Alex Sparrow - She's Crazy But She's Mine1314112382
Khalid - Better2665607195
FilthyFrank - It's time to stop356970690
JENNIE - SOLO (nightcore)2582940127
Remix Skrillex Scary Monsters Nice Sprites142375403
Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On239533935
[8Bit] Post Malon - Sunflower2532314292
bbno$ & y2k - lalala (22k+!)3314604270
Dragon Ball Super Opening505701039
I'm ugly and I'm PROUD361224947
Song in Arabic (Part 1)257700196
Nightcore - Sick Boy1616059979
Pusher - Clear ft. Mothica (Shawn Wasabi Remix)436249459
Nightcore - Angel With A Shotgun181674510
Ex Battalion Come With Me945933151
wish you were gaiy by Billie Eilish - wish you were gay3018784403
Bruno Mars - Treasure134838047
Hunger Games song Minecraft Parody208260651
||φ|| ariana grande - sweetener ♡2229361754
BOB SAGET305879325
Fried Chicken1271505827
PnB Rock - Unforgettable [Clean] 😉859998992
Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hot132526572
micheal p scream628897044
Let Me Love You - Justin Bieber (Cover)492482171
Thomas The Tank Engine Theme Song305415762
The Wanted - Glad You Came138089252
[Mashup] 2014 Mashup Part1196293583
Macintosh Plus 42O - Floral Shoppe313582195
Mr Sandman - Mr Sandman711527448
It needs to be about 20% cooler...130766135
MC MENTAL @ HIS BEST2174643065
Soft Piano Music144805742
Tyga - ZEZE Ft. Offset2485538990
LazyTown - We are Number One1012455141
????Drake - Nonstop????2636236176
ITS FRIDAY130893881
Mission impossible bad fluted1364498032
JRoa ft. Bosx1ne - Baliw Sayo603624525
Ava Max - Sweet but psycho (FULL)2773642760
Zendaya - Swag It Out131822136
PSY - #####325559646
Katy Perry - Firework140295950
Rap do Homem Macaco (sem alma e sem coração)580561275
Keys N Krates - Dum Dee Dum - Remix153752389
||φ|| halsey - gasoline2409914963
Lean On (Nightcore)270774550
Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Jengi Beats Remix)1321038120
I Got the Horses In The Back (Meme)2938169566
[HD] R U Crazy - Conor Maynard131675774
TIK TOK - HIT OR MISS2539371283
Katy Perry - Roar136140798
Dont Drop That Durka Durk145616641
devils dont fly gacha2310317452
Stitches [Loud]366211668
Janji - Heroes Tonight528358583
DJ Jim - Hard Bass Adidas455697478
Snoop Dogg ft. Dr. Dre - The Next Episode132526365
Corpse Party Chapter 1 REMIX!161196747
????BTS???? - 'BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS'2547676081
TheFatRat - No No No818971480
Frozen ~ For the first time in forever (Reprise)143573949
Heart Afire [1000+ Sales ????]532933680
Sister Location - Do You Even529275057
Lil Skies - Big Money1329334430
Attack on Titan137529753
Girls Like You2801648315
ajr burn the house down remix2031059817
Marshmello - Blocks1184919373
Godzilla Roar130783046
Bellyache~Billie Eilish //cover//1520554236
ZEROTWOOOOO with panda4459223174
Why you always lying (loud ig)336045121
Eternal Youth - RUDE (Lofi)985278603
Eminem - Survival140656660
Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes [NIGHTCORE]2699504138
Nightcore - Rude227078532
loud chewing1711040364
Me, Myself & I (Dexter Remix)344417804
XXXTENTACION - garettes REVENGE (Produced By X)819012082
MiatriSs - Bendy And The Devils Swing Remix748787824
Gaster's Theme366168126
ALL THE WAY- JSE Songify remix [Check Desc]462231972
???? ???? ???? ???? [REMIX] The chainsmokers []EPIC REMIX]560482410
Revenge - (Minecraft Music Video)627722878
Party Rock Anthem134995326
J. Cole - Deja Vu576686419
Nightcore - Sit Still Look Pretty FULL SONG682349393
Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)372138417
No Céu Tem Pão (Remix)535404387
Steven Universe - Peace & Love340300163
Maroon 5 - Animals - Remix185988309
DEJA VU1522980500
Lil Nas X - Panini3340674075
kid raging175678956
Jingle Bells [Trap Remix] (Christmas Edition)331436076
Devils don't fly-Natalia Kills168033644
J.Cole - No Role Model326810392
Door Kick Down Sound Effect2093015544
Sia - Cheap Thrills460411192
Rock 'n Roll Mcdonalds142677062
Alec B - If I Killed Someone For You [1000+ sales]2679901220
Star Wars The Clone Wars Theme141825666
Nightcore Salt [lyrics AVA MAX]2769968822
Fight, Oh Fighting Road3471243936
Pink Guy- Pink Life (Clean)488543134
QBIK - Lambo1352089349
LIL UZI VERT - MOOD ++ ????1305328437
Deejus - THIS IS A PG CHANNEL1454786070
Fortnite Rap Song2027160963
Don't Touch My Kool-Aid859929347
HAMILTON - Satisfied578890926
Ikson - Last Summer1468374269
Trippie Red - Topanga - trippie redd2543360591
EAS - Tornado Warning163474903
Sans and Papyrus Song - An Undertale447501075
Luccas Neto Meu Melhor Amigo (Musica Oficial)1277221944
OLHA O IRINEU797298270
Angel of Darkness177510410
Kali Uchis - Ridin Round (Oshi Remix)356872097
Nuke Alert336011342
scarlxrd - 6 FEET1056373285
「Nightcore」→ Weak (Lyrics) ✗905197517
Yung gravy - Cheryl1431284185
Paris ############ remix885122976
Billie - COPYCAT1629289861
Reese's Puffs Rap (Original!)685408383
Rocky Theme169804840
[Sped up] Girl Like You (prod. Sean Divine)2605478793
Drake-Fake love ????Remix????594452878
Albert's Stuffs' Musical performance750617388
???? This Could Be Us Trap Remix ????337347688
Everybody! Everybody!177505826
Lavender Town - Honey Lavender486598641
Crazy Frog132947307
It's Muffin Time! asdf206766923
Christmas Music307904550
BTS (Bangtan Boys) War of Hormone189204906
Naruto Ending 1 [Naruto - Wind]452118167
Everything Is Awesome154618552
Moto Moto - 1000 Sales!2986901049
Ferrari Enzo[660 HP]Car Sound153619739

How to get any Roblox Music Codes and discover Song IDs?

It is not hard to get Music Codes and to find any Song IDs in Roblox. Therefore, you can see a short guide you need to follow in order to get Music Codes and discover Song IDs at Roblox successfully.

Follow all these steps to get any Song ID:

  • First step is obvious and necessary, and that is you must be logged. If you are not already logged, please login to your account.
  • Once you land on your profile page you can clearly see the empty search field. Click on it and press the space button in your keyboard to create an empty space in the field.
  • After you have completed the previous steps, you will see five drop down options you can choose from: Games, Players, Catalog, Groups and Library. Click on the Library option from this menu.
  • The next page has many options. However, you should focus only on the Audio option which is located on the left side in the middle of your screen right after Models and Decals. Click on it.
  • Furthermore, you should landed in the Audio Library if you have finished all of the previous steps correctly. Perform a search for any sound you want to get the id. You will see the name, type, genre and description of it.
  • In the end you should check the url in your browser bar and you will see that there is a number between the word “library” and the name of the opened audio. That is the Roblox Sound ID you were looking for.


Check the example below to understand more clearly.

We opened one of the most popular rap songs in Roblox to find the id. Therefore, the url of our opened audio is In our case, the id number of this Song is 3279656505.

Step by Step through Images

Those who are facing troubles please make sure to visit any of the uploaded images below. The first image shows the official website where you should start. The second image shows the search field and the dropdown options. Third image shows the audio button you should click. The last image shows the name, location and song id in the url. That’s the whole process.

If you still cannot figure it out and you can’t find ids please feel free to contact us. Our support team will respond you shortly.

How to apply Music Codes and IDs?

The players are using these Music Codes and IDs mostly in games such as BoomBox. Furthermore, see all the steps below to learn how to apply Song id in any BoomBox game you want.

  • At first, you should launch any BoomBox game.
  • Once you are in, you will see that there is one menu with radio speakers at the bottom. Click on any item, so it will be added on the shoulder of your character.
  • Now, click multiple times on the recently added speaker so new pop up window will show up with number in it. Delete that number and enter the id of your favorite sound.
  • In the end, please click the play button.

Most Favorited Songs and Artists

This website has huge database with songs. As a result of that, we posted a music list with codes and ids of the most favorited songs in Roblox. Check them below.

  • Old Town Road – The ID for this audio is 2862170886.
  • XXXTENTACION – SAD –  ID for this sound is – 2091944785.
  • Lil Tjay – Pop Out – The sound code is 2756435380.
  • ON MY MIND | Parody of Murder On My Mind – ID is 2942707961.
  • Help Me Help You Logan Paul – code is 833322858.
  • How To Save A Life (Bass Boosted) – id for this sound is 727844285.
  • Lovely (Billie Eilish) Nightcore – the code is : 2438409906.
  • Aaron – Dancin (KRONO Remix) Full – code : 2372056506.

Please take a note that these are only few. To see all Music Codes/Song IDs you should visit the table we mentioned above.

We think that we covered the most important things in this post. Those who are facing troubles, feel free to send us a message using our contact form. Further, try to explain the problem you are facing with and our support will try to help you and respond in a very short time. That is all to say about the Music Codes and Song IDs in Roblox.

If you need to get the latest promotions and learn how to redeem any of them make sure to check our page with Promo Codes. This is one of the most popular categories at our website. Furthermore, the list there is frequently updated as soon as there is a new code by the official website.

In the end, those who are interested in finding other ids, make sure to visit our category with all Item Codes. There you will find such a lot of virtual items you might want to redeem.

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