What are the Latest Roblox RoCitizens Codes? (February 2024)

Check all not expired RoCitizens Codes and redeem in your Roblox account to get Free Money, Cars and other great rewards. We add new codes in this list every day so don’t forget to come back and visit us more often.

RoCitizens Codes – Full List

Most of the players are using codes in RoCitizens to get Money, Cars or to unlock special items like furniture, buildings and clothes. This popular town-simulation game was created by Firebrand1 and it has more than 500 million visits at the official Roblox website. Furthermore, in this game the player can work at jobs, build his own home and make a new friends. He can explore the town, buy furniture, cars and so on. In short you can play this game in the way you want and there are not any specific rules you need to follow.

Below you can see three list of codes. The first list has the most recent codes for this game. In the second list are all active codes. In the last table you can see all expired promotions for this popular game.

Recent RoCitizens Codes

This list contains the most recent codes. Therefore, make sure to visit this table more often cause we update this list every time the developer post a new code on his official Twitter profile. Furthermore, check the most recent codes below.

letsdosomelaundryRedeem this Code to Get $5,000ACTIVE (NEW)
20valentineRedeem this Code to Get $4,000 and one limited furniture itemACTIVE (NEW)
500millionRedeem this Code to Get $5,000ACTIVE (NEW)
Rocitizens6thRedeem this Code to Get $6,000ACTIVE (NEW)
XMAS19Redeem this Code to Get $3,000ACTIVE (NEW)
codeRedeem this Code to Get $10ACTIVE (NEW)
Rocitizens5thRedeem this Code to Get $5,000ACTIVE (NEW)

Active Codes

The table below includes all active codes. Make sure to redeem all these before they expire. See all of them below.

eastereggUse this Code to Get $13,337ACTIVE
discordanceUse this Code to Get $3,500ACTIVE
truefriendUse this Code to Get $4,000ACTIVE
rosebudUse this Code to Get $3,000ACTIVE
onfleekUse this Code to Get $6,000ACTIVE
untimelyRedeem this Code to Get $12,000ACTIVE
makeitrainRedeem this Code to Get $4,500ACTIVE
alittlesomethingRedeem this Code to Get $4,000ACTIVE
youwishyouhadafishRedeem this Code to Get $1,500ACTIVE
luckyduckRedeem this Code to Get $3,500ACTIVE
sweettweetsRedeem this Code to Get $2,500 and the Twitter TrophyACTIVE
rainydayRedeem this Code to Get $3,500ACTIVE
ihaveafishRedeem this Code to Get $1,000ACTIVE
coldhardcashRedeem this Code to Get $3,500ACTIVE

Expired Codes

The codes below have been expired. To clarify that means that you can’t use any of them in your account. Se the list of all promotions which were active below.

nomoredelaysRedeem this Code to Get $5,000EXPIRED
rosebudRedeem this Code to Get $3,000EXPIRED
rocitizens5th Redeem this Code to Get $5,000EXPIRED
xmasbonusRedeem this Code to Get $1,500EXPIRED
onfleekRedeem this Code to Get $6,000EXPIRED
eastereggRedeem this Code to Get $1,337EXPIRED
cantthinkofcodenamesRedeem this Code to Get $2,000EXPIRED
makeitrainRedeem this Code to Get $4,500EXPIRED
jobzncarzRedeem this Code to Get $1,500EXPIRED
allthemoolaRedeem this Code to Get $1,000EXPIRED
goodluckspellingsovereigntyRedeem this Code to Get a Sovereignty ComputerEXPIRED
supdatemberRedeem this Code to Get $4,000EXPIRED
ggpdRedeem this Code to Get $10,000EXPIRED
ilovefirebrand1Redeem this Code to Get $4,000EXPIRED
bugsareannoyingRedeem this Code to Get $2,500EXPIRED
gimmegimmegimmeRedeem this Code to Get $750EXPIRED
canigetahottubRedeem this Code to Get Hot TubEXPIRED
cornerpocketRedeem this Code to Get a Pool TableEXPIRED

How to Redeem RoCitizens Codes?

Now you have active RoCitizens Codes but do you know how to redeem them in your Roblox account? If you don’t know how to get a reward using any of these please read all the steps below.

  • Obviously, you must be logged in your account. Therefore, please login to RoCitizens. You can do that through the Roblox website or app.
  • Next you will need to do is to take a look on your left side. At the bottom you will notice one small icon. Click on it.
  • From the new box which will pop up click the blue Twitter bird icon.
  • After that enter your code in the empty field and click outside the field. In the end the code will be automatically checked and if it is valid you will see some information about the reward.

Below are four images of these steps. In the first image you can see the button you need to click. Second image includes the Twitter Bird Icon. At third image is shown the empty field where you should write your code. In the last image is the success message you will see if you have entered valid code. For example we used one code from the table above and we got $5,000 in our RoCitizens Account. For those who are curious and want to know how we check the codes – we use our official Roblox profile to test them : @tornadocodes. Follow us if you want and we will follow you back.

RoCitizens Codes
Roblox RoCitizens Codes
RoCitizens Codes Not Expired

That is all about the promotions in Rocitizens. In addition this is just one of the many popular games in Roblox.

More Codes for Other Popular Roblox Games

Do you play any other popular games like Rocitizen? If yes, make sure to visit our other pages from the menu. There are lists of promotions for many popular Roblox games.

If you have any new code for this game, you can send it to us. We’ll check the code and if it is valid we’ll post it in the table within 24 hours.

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