Most Recent Codes for Roblox Texting Simulator (May 2024)

See all Texting Simulator Codes and use any in Roblox to get Money, Diamonds, Pets & Bitoneum or to unlock the Astro Portals in Space like Moon, Mars and Nasa. We keep this list always up to date so please check the tables more often to see if there is any new code.

Texting Simulator Codes List

Below you can see lists with codes for this amazing game created by the Roblox group named Kaisus. The company which stand behind the development of this incredible game is Shark Fin Studios, LLC. Currently this game has more than 140 million visits from different countries around the world. Furthermore, make sure to follow the developer : @RickyTheFishy on Twitter and @rickysfin on Instagram for the latest game updates.

Recent Texting Simulator Codes

Below is a list with the most recent Codes for this game. Furthermore, grab any and use it in your account before it expire.

FREEEGGRedeem this Code to get Free 500 DiamondsRECENT
SpookytimeApply this Code and get 1,000 cashRECENT
ephoneproUse this Code to get Free 1,000 CashRECENT

Active Codes

In the list below you can see all active Codes for this Roblox Game – Texting Simulator. This list is up to date and all invalid codes have been removed. Further, please check all of them from the table below.

gamingstationYou will get 1,000 Cash with this CodeACTIVE
HACKERRedeem this Code and get Free 250 Diamonds and 500 CashACTIVE
beatsheadphonesRedeem this Code and get Free 250 Diamonds and 500 CashACTIVE
TextingLord1,000 cashACTIVE
100KUse this Code and get Free 100 Diamonds and 1,000 CashACTIVE
YoureBeingWatched!ALIEN 3X LaptopACTIVE
rainbowpodsGet 250 Diamonds, 500 Cash and 50 coins with this CodeACTIVE
WirelessGet 250 Diamonds, 500 Cash and 50 CoinsACTIVE
SoreThumbs1,000 cashACTIVE
TexterUnknown RewardACTIVE
GrinningEmoji1,000 cashACTIVE
Emoji1,000 cashACTIVE
AirGet 250 Diamonds, 500 Cash and 50 CoinsACTIVE
podsGet 250 Diamonds, 500 Cash and 50 CoinsACTIVE
SpecialSurpriseUnknown RewardACTIVE
instagram250 Diamonds, 2,000 Cash and 50 CoinsACTIVE
GamePageUnknown RewardACTIVE
RickyTheFishy10 Diamonds and 100,000 cashACTIVE
LovelyHeartsRedeem this Code and get 50 Diamonds and 2,500 CashACTIVE
beatsheadphones250 Diamonds, 2,000 Cash and 50 CoinsACTIVE
OnTheGram250 Diamonds, 2,000 Cash and 50 CoinsACTIVE

Expired Codes

These codes are not working anymore. This table contains all expired promotions for this game. Therefore, all of these are out of date and cannot be used anymore. However, they might be reactivated again so that’s why we posted them here.


Astro Portal Codes

Below are all active Astro Portal Codes for this popular Game in Roblox. Furthermore, to use any of them you have to enter a 6 symbol code in each portal. Take a look at these below.

Moon PortalPink, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue and Green
Mars PortalBlue, Pink, Orange, Black, Green and Yellow
Star PortalYellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Black and Orange

How to Redeem Texting Simulator Codes?

There are some very easy steps you’ll need to follow if you want to redeem promotions in this game. Furthermore, those who already know how this process works, please skip this tutorial and those who are newbies please follow the steps you see below.

Follow these steps to redeem any code and claim your reward:

  • Launch the Text Simulator Game from the Official Roblox Launcher or using the app.
  • After the game has loaded, take a look on you left side and you will notice Twitter/Instagram icon. Click on it.
  • Further, in the empty field write any active code from the table above, and click the big green button to Redeem.
  • In the end you will see a message with information about the reward you have just received.

Below you can see three images which will help you to understand this process visually. For example the first image shows the Twitter/Instagram icon which you need to click. Next image shows the empty field where you should write your code and the green button you need to click. The last image includes information about the reward given. Therefore, we received 500 Free Diamonds in Texting Simulator for using the Code “FREEEGG” from the table with most recent codes above.

Texting Simulator Codes
Roblox Texting Simulator Codes
Texting Simulator Codes List

To sum up this is simple process. In addition you should not face with any troubles during the steps. However, if you are getting stuck in the middle of the process, and you cannot proceed feel free to contact us through our contact page. Our support will respond you shortly.

More Codes for Similar Roblox Games

In the end we want to recommend you some other amazing games with codes you might want to give it a try. Therefore, here are some of the most played games at Roblox:

  • Slicing Simulator;
  • Dragon Adventures;
  • Monsters of Etheria;
  • Power Simulator;
  • Elemental Power Simulator;
  • The Clown Killings Reborn.

It is really hard to keep all these lists up to date. To clarify, there are thousands of new codes every single day. As a reason of that please comment below if you have any new valid code for this game and we will add it in the table faster. As alternative, you can use the “Submit Code” page to send the code to us.

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