Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes – Complete List (June 2024)

Check this list of Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes and redeem any code to get Money (Coins), Troops, Skins or to unlock the Hunter, John and Outlaw. We keep this list always up to date with only valid codes. Therefore, visit this page more often and you will never miss a promotion.

Tower Defense Simulator Codes – Up to Date List

Tower Defense Simulator is a game created on the 5 June, 2019 by the Roblox game development group Paradoxum Games. Owner of this group and lead developer is the Roblox user @BelowNatural. Furthermore, at this game the players work as a team and fight against zombies placed on a specific map. Everytime any zombie has been killed, the players earn in-game currency – Coins (Cash) which is necessary for buying new towers and making upgrades. On the other side the players can get Coins in Tower Defense Simulator using Codes. These codes are really helpful and with using them the players can unlock anything in the game much faster. Therefore, we prepared three lists of codes to help on the players.

Tower Defense Simulator Codes (Recent)

Below is a list with the most recent promotions for this game. Redeem them in your account immediately before they expire.

B1RDHUNT3RRedeem this Code to Get the HunterNEW (ACTIVE)
W33KLICODERedeem this Code to Get 65 XPNEW (ACTIVE)
HAPPY3AST3R!Redeem this Code to Get a Spring skin for CommanderNEW (ACTIVE)
SW33TXPRedeem this Code to Get 50 XPNEW (ACTIVE)
SPR1NGM1L3ST0NERedeem this Code to Get a Spring skin for ShredderNEW (ACTIVE)
5KMILESTONERedeem this Code to Get a Twitter skin for MinigunnerNEW (ACTIVE)
02MOMENTRedeem this Code to Get 100 XPNEW (ACTIVE)
MOAREXPRedeem this Code to Get 50 XPNEW (ACTIVE)
T3MPLARRedeem this Code to Get 100 XPNEW (ACTIVE)
ELECTRORedeem this Code to Get 100 CoinsNEW (ACTIVE)

Active Promotions

The list below contains all active Tower Defense Simulator Codes. Furthermore, you should know that all these codes are tested with our Roblox profile @tornadocodes before being posted. Follow our profile if you want and we’ll follow you back.

TRICKORTREATUse this Code to Get the Halloween Skin for HunterACTIVE
THANKYOUUse this Code to Get 100 XPACTIVE
120KRedeem this Code to Get 250 Coins & XPACTIVE
MYW1F3L3FTM3Redeem this Code to Get Garbage Bad and Child SupportACTIVE
SUMMERRedeem this Code to Get 100 CoinsACTIVE
KITT3NRedeem this Code to Get 100 Coins & XPACTIVE
LONGWAITRedeem this Code to Get Coins, XP and Russian EmoteACTIVE
GOR1LLARedeem this Code to Get 350 Coins & 25 XPACTIVE
RAZORF1SHRedeem this Code to Get 100 Coins and XPACTIVE
SF0THUse this Code to Get Coins and XPACTIVE

Expired Codes

We all know that the good promotions usually don’t last long. Therefore, as for any other game there are expired codes for this one too. Do not try to redeem any of these because they have been deactivated. You can see all expired promotions below.

J0HNRBXRedeem this Code to Get the John Tower, XP and CoinsEXPIRED
GAMERMODE0NRedeem this Code to Get a New SkinEXPIRED
R3TR0Redeem this Code to Get 50 XPEXPIRED
HAPPY4THRedeem this Code to Get XPEXPIRED
10KPLAYERSRedeem this Code to Get CoinsEXPIRED
3S8KZMCRedeem this Code to Get Coins & XPEXPIRED

How to Redeem Codes in Tower Defense Simulator?

Below you can read one short guide which contains few simple steps. Furthermore, follow the steps and learn how to use Tower Defense Simulator promotions in your Roblox account.

Follow these steps to redeem any Code and get a reward:

  • Launch Tower Defense Simulator from the Roblox website or using the app.
  • Once you are in your account dashboard, take a look on your left side. You will notice one vertical menu. From this menu you should click the “Troops” button. See this step in the first image below.
  • After that you will see one empty box titled “Enter Code”. Write your code in the box and click the right arrow to confirm. You can see this field and the confirm button in the second image below.
  • In the end if your code is valid you will see a box in the middle of your screen with information about the reward. On the bottom of your screen you will see a message “Successfully Redeemed Code”. For example, you can see how this message looks like in the last image uploaded below.
Tower Defense Simulator Codes
Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes
Tower Defense Simulator Codes List

To sum up that is all you need about the promotions in this game. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any troubles during the process but please always make sure that you have followed the steps carefully. Above all if you have followed everything but still you cannot redeem any code, feel free to contact us. Our support will try to help you.

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Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any new valid code for this amazing game.

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